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Artist Sara Tse, Anselm Kiefer@Villepin & Gagosian & in the studio: band Uchu Yurei


Artist Sara Tse, Anselm Kiefer@Villepin & Gagosian & in the studio: band Uchu Yurei

Known for her ceramic works, Sara Tse combines a mastery of technique with a sophisticated lyricism to evoke feelings, memories, and history. In her current project, Tse is using photographic and print media to preserve memories and images from her own childhood.

Painter Anselm Kiefer's focus is history, time and collective memory, particularly the dark past of German history and the influences of Fascism, Nazism and mythology.
His works include monumental paintings, installations, works on paper, artist books, and altered photographs, and can incorporate physical elements like lead, concrete, glass, textiles, tree roots and burned books. Wim Wenders recently completed a 3D film on Anselm Kiefer, which was shown at special screenings at the Cannes Film Festival. That hasn't reached Hong Kong yet, but what has reached us are two solo exhibitions at two different galleries. At the Villepin Gallery “Golden Age” features paintings and sculptures created between 2020 and 2022. While “hortus conclusus” at Gagosian showcases four decades of his landscape paintings.

Formed three years ago, local indie band “Uchu Yurei” is a progressive instrumental fusion band. The Japanese name of the band "Uchu Yurei” means “spirits in the cosmos”.
Influenced by soundtrack music and game music, the band integrates jazz, rock, Latin and orchestral elements.

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