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Two adventurous middle-aged professionals, who are also Good Samaritan, possess the determination and courage that many teenagers lack.

At 53 years old, Stephen is yet to reach the default retirement age. However, he has actually given up his lucrative job ten years ago, when he was 43. Stephen went back to school, consecutively completed five Master’s degree programmes and actively volunteered for the society.

April, who also has a Master’s degree, still has a couple years until the retirement age. However, she continues to challenge herself to discover new possibilities. To promote recycling, she switched career in her middle age. April transformed from a director at the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions to a glass-recycling hero. She left the air-conditioned office and went out to work day and night in back alleys and junkyards.

From most people’s perspective, their decisions might be considered senseless and incomprehensible. Stephen and April, however, believe that the changes make their lives more fulfilling and meaningful.

Ignoring others’ stares and harsh words, Stephen and April picked their own paths in their middle age. It does not matter how many decades we live, what is important is to create a new prime of life!

Producer: Boy Leung

New Prime of Life

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A fallacy that people have is that they have only one purpose in life. Life is short and we only live once. We must manage our time wisely and make the most of the opportunities it brings. Some people leave their achievements in the past, bravely step out of their comfort zones and challenge the unknown. Reaching out to their dreams, they set forth to a brand new adventure. Wish, and await the curtains to draw back, for the next exciting act! "New Prime of Life" introduces a group of people who is passionate towards their life. Although they have reached the retirement age, they refuse to lead a regular life. They set out on a new endeavor, sailing through many more challenges and tests to their next destination. With the many unknown factors in the process, how does this group of masters balance reality and dreams? Is their age considered a constraint or an asset?
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