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That’s Hong Kong spirit!

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We always heard “Diligent” to describe Hong Kong people. They work hard to strive for a better future. Let’s take a look some of their stories.
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《Midnight Workers 2016》 Night Flight


《Midnight Workers 2016》 Night Flight

The Hong Kong International Airport may be the busiest place in Hong Kong at night.

Every year, tens of thousands of aircraft land or take off in Hong Kong. To make sure that every aircraft takes off safely, WAN Kwok-fai [transliteration], an aircraft maintenance engineer, has to check each aircraft carefully. Required to work by shift, Fai often deals with freighters in transit at night. When an aircraft has landed, Fai’s first job is to walk around the aircraft once, to check carefully if there are traces of damage on the surface of the aircraft. And then he has to visit the cockpit to read the flying log book and communicate with the pilot, to ascertain whether there was anything abnormal during the flight. If abnormalities are spotted, Fai has to identify the causes immediately, and then decide the extent of the problem’s impact on the aircraft’s continued flying. He also has to discuss this with the airline to decide if an emergency repair is needed. This job involves the expertise and decision-making power that make it incomparable with most other jobs. No matter what factors he considers, safety is always on the top of his priority list.
Chen Zhou, a new immigrant from Mainland China, arrived in Hong Kong after finishing high school there. Then his command of English was really bad. When he started learning to do aircraft maintenance, he had to refer to a thick stack of reading materials, all written in English. Not only did he have no intention to give up, he even felt elated. He was determined to finish the training even if he had to look up every word in the dictionary. Now he has finally become an aircraft maintenance craftsman; every day he repairs various parts of aircraft using different tools.
Chen Zhou’s wife was once his classmate. She is a university graduate and she comes from a quite well-off background. They have a small daughter. Mrs. Chen, who speaks no Cantonese, finds it difficult to adjust to so much change that has happened in such a short time. Worse still, Chen Zhou’s job, which includes frequent night shifts, makes it impossible for him to stay keep her company often. Therefore, Mrs. Chen always wants him to give up his job in Hong Kong and go back to the Mainland together. As Chen Zhou has fallen in love with aircraft maintenance, he is still juggling hard between career and family.
Producer: Au Ta-hoi
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