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Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

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With different religion and culture, how ethnic minorities in Hong Kong adapt the surroundings and finding their own joy in here?
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《Hong Kong Stories - Tango in the Margin (Series 35)》 A Hongkonger That Stands Out


《Hong Kong Stories - Tango in the Margin (Series 35)》 A Hongkonger That Stands Out

While Margaret’s dark complexion and afro-textured hair do make her look completely like an African, she is indeed half Chinese and half African. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, fluent in Cantonese with a lifestyle no different from any other Hongkonger.

Margaret’s father is of Nigerian descent and her mother is a Hong Kong local. Her father has encountered a lot of discrimination in the city, but Margaret never thought that she would too. During childhood, she was mocked and teased by classmates who called her “negro” and “afro-head”. In order to be accepted by peers, she had tried to straighten her hair and put on whitening face cream, appearing in a way that would fit in the majority.

A life where African and Hong Kong cultures converge can sometimes be overwhelming for Margaret. Fortunately, with her encouraging teachers and close friends as well as her optimistic character, she managed to pull herself together, and even learnt to cheer herself up by creating artworks.

Speaking of her future, Margaret’s family hopes she would be a policewoman, which is a stable job. Margaret, however, would like to be a fashion designer. She thought of being an obedient child who fulfills the expectation of her family and society. But the thought of giving up her own dream and wasting her potential in design has set her heart on breaking the ceiling society has for dark-skinned people, and on deciding her own future.

Margaret may have attained this courage that allows her to face up to challenges from her mother, who died of illness. In Margaret’s childhood memories, her mother was always laughing heartily without fearing the ordeal brought by her illness, exhibiting the resilience in her. In Hong Kong, a city known for being an “international cosmopolis”, the dark-skinned races still seem to be treated unfairly. This resilience is precisely the most needed character for Margaret to rise to the challenges ahead.

Producer: Lawrence Leung
Assistant Producers: Mandy Kwok, Cindy Chan, Mok Wing-laam
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