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Hong Kong athletes have achieved excellent performance in various international sports events. Have a look at their interviews to know more about their lives as an athlete.
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《Sports for All》 Mountain Biking


《Sports for All》 Mountain Biking

As the name suggests, mountain biking differs from riding a bike on ordinary flat tracks in the city. Through its unique design such as derailleur and shock-absorbing, a mountain bike enables the cyclist to rover across mountains, as well as uneven slopes. Packed with excitement and speediness, it is a sport that requires courage, concentration and judgement.

Coach For All: Mountain Cyclist CHAN Chun-hing

Having represented Hong Kong in sport events for 14 years and 3 times in Olympic Games, CHAN Chun-hing earned the nicknames “Mountain Hing” and “King of Mountains”. Coach of the Hong Kong Cycling Team, SHEN Jinkang, once described that CHAN was persevering in a sport item in which he can barely become a rival within the international circle. He was also the only full-time mountain cyclist in Hong Kong.

Since his first contact with cycling in Secondary Two, CHAN instantly fell in love with it. After joining the Hong Kong Cycling Team, he specialised in mountain biking, receiving long-time training all alone. For years, he had been facing competent contestants all across Asia in solitude. He had to overcome countless obstacles in order to win his awards and secure his status as a top mountain biker in Asia. He won the champion and the first runner-up in men’s cross-country cycling in 2010 and 2014 Asian Games respectively.

In 2016, CHAN officially put a full stop to his athletic life after serving as a flag-bearer in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. However, as mountain biking is an indispensable part of his life, CHAN has switched to become a coach of mountain biking. He hopes to promote this sport by utilising his own experience, so that more people will become mountain bikers.

Athlete For All: 3 Handball Players – Bon, Mo, Kut

Athletes usually have undergone strenuous training, therefore do not surrender easily when confronted with challenges. They are always determined to fight and persevere until the end. This episode features 3 handball players, including athletes who have repeatedly represented Hong Kong in competitions abroad. After over 15 years of handball training, the three of them are used to sports that place emphasis on team spirit such as handball. Now they would like an opportunity to challenge themselves with a sport that stresses individual performances. They will have a taste of having the mountain bikes, instead of team members, as comrades. Starting from basic hard-surface training, they will then move to the forest and mountains, putting the spirit of “sports know no bounds” into real practice throughout the learning process and the contest.
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