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《Project Live Healthy II》 Episode 1: Fit for Ageing


《Project Live Healthy II》 Episode 1: Fit for Ageing

Producer: Keung Lau
It is inevitable our body functions degrade as we grow old. Along with many unhealthy habits of living in the city, it is much easier to age prematurely. That being said, it is a trend that various chronic diseases, such as heart attack, diabetes, and palsy, are affecting people at a younger age. 
However, we discovered that Stephen, a 61 year-old triathlete, and Master Lam Yao Zhong, an 83 year-old Judo instructor, are energetic despite their age. Does exercising regularly help them stay healthy? Recent scientific findings state that an appropriate amount of exercise is helpful in inhibiting the declination of body functions. They also claim that “exercise is medicine” in fighting various chronic diseases. Thus, in this episode, we invite the two seniors to the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Sports Science faculty for a series of physical fitness tests to see if our results match the scientific findings.
As we age, our joints begin to degrade. Medical findings prove that an appropriate amount of exercise could improve the health of joints and keep pain to a minimum. Modern medical research developed joint replacement surgeries to help major athritis patients move again.
Medical findings prove that exercising inhibits the degradation of body functions and improve health.
This programme will be transmitted in TVB Pearl at 13:00-13:30 on Saturday, 12 January 2013.
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