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The Story of Birds

There are numerous reasons why birds choose Hong Kong as their home or only a stop of their migration. This shows that Mother Nature is constantly moving and ever-growing.
In the post-war period, the forests in Hong Kong had been revitalised, and there were also an increasing number of types of forest birds. We will observe the interesting behaviour of forest birds. On the other hand, resident waders’ way of living has created a comparison to that of their migrant kinfolks. Today, the behaviour of birds is inevitably affected by human activities, and the situation is even more predominant in urban areas.

Biodiversity in Hong Kong

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Biodiversity is a matter of life and death in nature, since different species are linked together and interdependent with one another in every ecosystem.
A 6-episode documentary series “Biodiversity in Hong Kong” uses vivid and interesting ways to document how various species in Hong Kong adapt to the natural environment and strive to survive in adversity.
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