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Holding onto Faith

Marco, Ronald, Agnes, Godfrey and Jennie, who are engaged in scientific research and experiment in applied biology, entered the skincare product market from their
base at the Hong Kong Science Park, and developed their locally researched and produced products. From naming to packaging and designing their products, elements related to the ingredients and formulas are added to promote the truth- seeking sprit of science and encourage consumers to learn about the products before purchasing.

However, Hong Kong people have developed a consumption habit of using foreign brand skincare products, with European, American, Japanese and Korean brands leading the market. With a persistence in their belief-based approach, how can this local startup get a breakthrough and gain a share in the market by paying attention to the details and sharing scientific knowledge related to beauty and skincare?

In this episode, Ada OOI, founder of a British skincare brand, is invited to share with the 5 young entrepreneurs “to hold on and let go the original products”.

【Gen Z Meeting Room】
The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the normal operation of the global business world, but at the same time it becomes an opportunity for companies around
the world to seek changes. The definitions of “job” and “going to work” has gradually changed in the current generation. What is the foresight the new generation has on
the work mode in the future?

In this episode’s Meeting Room, Mr Ray CHAN, co-founder of the world’s largest “happiness sharing platform”, and Ms Rebecca LEUNG, a post-90 entrepreneur who develops equipment for the work mode in the future, are invited to talk about the work mode in the future.

Gen Z Entrepreneurs

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In recent years, more and more young people quit their jobs and start their own businesses. Startups have been considered to be the engine for economic growth. According to the report of “the Startup Survey”, the number of startups in Hong Kong in 2021 has increased by 43% as compared to 2018.

“Gen Z Entrepreneurs” is a case-based programme about young entrepreneurs. From ideas to practice, we shall understand their entrepreneurial process. How difficult is it to run a profitable business?

Programme host LEUNG Ka-ki and veteran members of the industry will exchange views with young entrepreneurs to understand their business operations, answer their questions on operation or provide advice. In every episode, the “Meeting Room” segment will invite Chief Executive Officers or experienced operating officers from the business sector to chat with our host.

Young people are always enthusiastic, and sometimes impulsive. Some people prefer dreams come first and profit put aside; while some people find their business lucrative when they give it a try, and then immediately expand their business for a greater boom. The way of doing business is that one cannot be short-sighted, but one should focus on how to sustain robust development of one’s business. Through this programme, we hope that new entrepreneurs and the public will know more about the actual situation and knowledge of business operation.
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