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Press Freedom

According to the latest World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders, Hong Kong has nosedived 10 places to rank 80th in just two years. Similarly, the city's press freedom rating from the Hong Kong Journalists Association hit yet another record low this year, marking the biggest drop since surveys began.
Media professionals said, the press in Hong Kong is facing an unprecedented storm after the National People's Congress passed a national security law on the city.

Hong Kong Connection

If “ Hong Kong Connection ” were a tree, how old would it be? It was on 5 March, 1978 that the documentary series first went on the air in Chinese. As the series continues, its staff are determined to go on uncovering and delving into every local and international topic that concerns the people in Hong Kong, whether it be political, economic, educational, commercial, environmental or technological. A tree plays an important environmental role in refreshing the air that we breathe and holding from the earth on which we stand. It is Hong Kong Connection's mission to provide the public with information and analyses as well as an opportunity for rational discussion. The programme is aired every Thursday evening on TVB Pearl at 19:00-19:30 (3 Oct. 2013 - 27 March 2014)

Live webcast: Thursday HKT 2100 - 2130

Archive available later after live webcast. ** Please note that the programme air-time on TV is different with webcast time.
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