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Comic artist Pen So, Wu Chi-Tsung @ Galerie du Monde & in the studio: Haw Par Music


Comic artist Pen So, Wu Chi-Tsung @ Galerie du Monde & in the studio: Haw Par Music

Illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer Pen So likes drawing in black and white. His subjects are usually familiar cityscapes and daily lives in Hong Kong, although in his comics he also sometimes adds a touch of surrealism to tell his stories.

Wu Chi-Tsung’s early training was in Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, watercolour and drawing. After experimenting with ink, he moved on to creating his variations on classical Chinese landscape paintings through photography, videos and installations. On show at Galerie du Monde, “Cyano-Collage” is a series of works combining the photographic technique of cyanotype with collage to recreate the textures of traditional Chinese landscape painting. Wu says this combination of techniques makes the image a record of time, light and tactile markings.

Hong Kong’s once famous Tiger Balm Garden was demolished in 2004, but after years of revitalisation, the former private residence within them, Haw Par Mansion, is now home to music education and arts programmes. Last weekend, Hong Kong Philharmonic’s principal cellist, Richard Bamping, second associate concertmaster Wang Liang, and cellist Anna Kwan joined forces with violist Johnny Sun and violinist Hannah Tam for a concert of Franz Schubert music. They came to our studio to share more with us.

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