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Art space "Homecoming" in Kam Tin & in the studio: pianist Max Chan


Art space "Homecoming" in Kam Tin & in the studio: pianist Max Chan

Due to the social distancing and recreational restrictions to which we’re currently subjecting ourselves in the hope of controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, city life in Hong Kong has gone very quiet these days, especially after six o’clock. Away from the city though, in the more rural areas, and particularly over the weekends, more of us have been flocking to the hills and the great outdoors to enjoy a breath of fresh air. If one of the more rural areas you have visited recently is Kam Tin, you may have noticed there a new three-storey art and cultural space called “Homecoming”.

Max Chan’s musical endeavours might have started with the piano, but they didn’t end there. He is also a composer, an arranger, an a cappella instructor and – away from music - a bakery shop owner. A graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in piano and composition, Max has recently released a new album, “A Present of Secrets” which he says is inspired by the much-loved “The Little Prince”.

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