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Simon Lee from Next Magazine


Simon Lee from Next Magazine

In this last episode in the current series of Under the Covers, our host Lisa Leung is joined by Simon Lee from Next Magazine to examine more stories featured in the media in the past week. 8.30am-9am)

Under the Covers

This weekend, a brand new programme on Radio 3, "Under the Covers". It's chance for us to discuss the pressing issues of the past week and how it was covered in the media. Join Lisa Leung and her guests as she uncovers the week’s stories, Saturday morning’s at 8:30 (Saturdays, 8.30am-9am)
Podcast: Weekly update and available after its broadcast. 
Lisa Leung is the Associate Professor, Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University.
Her areas of interest are:
Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Post-colonial Studies, Gender and Cultural Identity, Globalisation and Localisation Studies, Women’s Cultural History in Hong Kong, Women’s Magazines History in Hong Kong, Cross-Cultural Studies, Media History in Hong Kong, Gender Studies in Hong Kong, Television and Audience Studies; Journalism and Cultural Studies; Alternative Media, Globalisation and Cultural Identity.She's also a former journalist, with BBC.
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