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In recent years, bike tours have become a new driving force in green tourism. Founded on the philosophies of reducing carbon emissions and minimising environmental impact, this form of sightseeing meets sustainable development goals. When enjoying this healthy and eco-friendly activity, consumers must be aware of matters such as safety measures and insurance issues whether they are going on a self-guided or group bike tour locally or abroad.

Christmas and New Year holidays are prime time for consumers to travel abroad. The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong made an announcement earlier this year regarding its approval of local travel agencies to raise their “Recommended Service Fees”, which include charges for services such as visa applications and changing airline ticket details, to a fixed amount. This has led outsiders to question whether the move is in breach of the Competition Ordinance which will come into force next year. In view of this, the Consumer Council will explain how the Ordinance will protect consumers using some current phenomenon observed in the industry, as well as detail the areas it does not cover.

The end of the year is traditionally the peak season for getting married. With taking wedding pictures abroad becoming more and more popular in recent years, wedding photography has become an important consumption item for all prospective couples. The Consumer Council has received 69 complaints regarding wedding photo packages in the first eight months of this year, compared with 40 during the same period last year. Consumers must pay close attention to various details before committing to such services in order to avoid going through an unpleasant experience.

Metropolitan Consumer

Being a consumer today, one should not be only concerned about the product or service bought, but should also be responsible for the sustainability of development. The series digs in the ecology of production and consumption process in various aspects including real properties, food, clothing, travelling and beauty treatment.

The series is sponsored by Consumer Council.
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