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The Pulse: Freedom of Speech and the Olympic Torch Relay; Interview – Mia Farrowon Sudan and the Olympics
第十三届人权新闻奖 - 优异奖
13th Annual Human Rights Press Awards - Merit
监制:Gary Pollard
On Friday 2nd May, the Olympic Torch relay in Hong Kong was under way. Calls for it not to be politicised seem to have fallen on deaf ears on both sides. In fact, it's been a political event ever since the relay was devised for Adolph Hitler's 1936 Berlin Olympics. It has no origins either in the ancient Greek Olympics or indeed in the 19th century Olympic revival. In Hong Kong, it was a day of celebration for local enthusiasts, and many mainland visitors. For activists, protesters and even journalists who said they had been harassed, it was a day that did little for Hong Kong's reputation for tolerating dissent.

After four years of fighting in Sudan's western province of Darfur more than two and a half million people are homeless or living in camps. More than 200,000 have died since the conflict began. The country ’ s government and pro-government Arab militias such as the Janjaweed are accused of war crimes against the region's black African population. Although the United Nations has stopped short of calling it genocide, stories of atrocity and rape are commonplace.China has considerable trade with Sudan, and in February a Chinese envoy Liu Guijin delivered a rare public rebuke to the country ’ s government. Many in the West think China could do more to stop the violence, and they believe the Olympic Games provide an opportunity to encourage Beijing to do so.

On the day of Hong Kong's Olympic Torch relay American activist and actress Mia Farrow was speaking at the Foreign Correspondents' Club to put the case for intervention in Darfur.

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