Audio Description (AD) project serves to provide service for selected RTHK television programmes on its digital terrestrial television (DTT) channel, which would render them more accessible to the visually impaired people by providing an audio description of the visual image on the screen during the gaps between dialogues. more

The mobile application RTHK Audio Description (听出好戏势) produced by RTHK works with a designated series of audio description TV programmes broadcast on RTHK TV 31. The application targets both visually impaired persons and general audience. It can transmit the audio channel of the audio description TV programmes broadcasting on RTHK TV 31 to mobile devices in real time, such that both visually impaired persons and general audience can enjoy TV programmes together with family and friends at the same time and at the same time place using this application.

Starting from 3 April 2021, every Saturday at 7:05pm, "Audio Description TV Programme 2021" (Chinese content only) will be available for one hour with the RTHK Audio Description (听出好戏势) mobile application, including: "Under The Lion Rock 2020", "Volunteer Movement", "A Wall-less World VI", "A Wall-less World VII", "Work Together, Walk Together", "Elite Brigade III", "A Beautiful Mind 2", "Behind Our Transport System" and "My Family Doctor 3".

Starting from 10 October 2021, every Sunday, visually impaired people can listen to the audio description of the "The Rising Football Talents" through the RTHK Audio Description (听出好戏势) mobile application.

"Audio Description TV Programme 2021"


Web Accessibility Conformance Statement
We are committed to ensuring that this mobile app has adopted accessibility design to the maximum extent possible. However, this mobile application contains interactive elements / interface design that cannot incorporate all accessibility features. If you encounter any technical problems when using this application, please call the accessibility support organisation: Hong Kong Blind Union at 27095559 or Radio Television Hong Kong hotline at 35250890; or contact us by email at