Audio Description

When Audio Description TV programmes are broadcast, audience can choose to listen simultaneously to the "Audio Description" track or the "Audio Description + the Original Audio" track, and enjoy TV programmes freely together with family and friends.

Programme Schedule

Audience can check the broadcast time and the introduction of the audio description TV programmes that will be broadcast in the "Programme Schedule".

Reminder Function

Audience can set the time for a reminder on audio description TV programmes before the broadcast by using the "Reminder Function".

How to use

Step 1: Audience should first switch to RTHK TV 31 on your integrated digital TV set or set-top box and turn to a higher volume;
Step 2: Open this application around 5 minutes before the broadcast of audio description TV programmes, and keep the mobile device connected to the Internet, then move the mobile device close to or face to the TV and wait;
Step 3: When the TV is broadcasting the audio description TV programmes, the application will actively try to achieve synchronisation with the TV’s audio output;
Step 4: Audience can choose freely in the application:
1: "Audio Description" or
2: "Audio Description + the Original Audio" to listen to RTHK TV programmes.