Community Involvement Broadcast: Radio HKNepal-2 社区参与广播时段:香港尼泊尔电台2





As the name suggests, this programme aims at facilitating the social integration of the Nepalese community in Hong Kong. Nepalese people now consider that Hong Kong is their home but their integration has been slow due to their difficulty in accessing information available in Hong Kong in Chinese or English languages. Radio HKNepal-2 is designed to facilitate the integration through the promotion of Chinese language learning among the community members, and by providing them with information on government services and other facilities in Nepalese language. Being a part of Hong Kong society we feel that it's important for the members of Nepalese community to learn Chinese language.
In order to achieve the stated objectives, this programme will feature short reports on various services available in Hong Kong, talks with local Chinese and non-Chinese individuals and music. Mostly the Nepali music being created in Hong Kong, and produced by artists in Nepal will be played. The purpose of playing Nepali is to allow the Nepali community members to preserve and appreciate their cultural assets while being integrated into the local Hong Kong society.

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