社区参与广播时段:食住讲 Community Involvement Broadcast: Chew n' Chat







Eating is a universal language that can connect different people and issues. It can also facilitate communication and cultural understanding among different races.

Through the introduction of food, this programme offers a glimpse of the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong from various aspects, from history, culture, geographical customs to national conditions. Besides food, we will also examine people’s culinary approaches and eating behavior to comprehend the political, economic and social features of a particular place, as well as people’s accumulated wisdom in daily life, their experience and tradition.

The programme includes exchange of eating cultures and culinary arts. Apart from sharing stories about food by ethnic minorities, we also hope to go deeper into issues related to food, such as the production process of ingredients and the social network of ethnic minorities, and their sense of belonging and identity, etc.

We hope to give our audience a more compelling perception of food and foreign cultures, enabling them to draw connections with everyday ethics and rituals, such as sacrificial and matrimonial ceremonies, ghost stories and mythologies, as well as the similarities and differences of different cultures. Eventually, we hope to trigger Hong Kong people’s reflection on their sense of belonging and identity.

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