CIBS Programme: Diversity Strengthens our Community: Hamro Sathi (多元文化壮社群)




    Since 1990s, more than 40,000 Nepalese people have made Hong Kong their home. In the last two decades, some non-Nepalese people supported them to build a Hong Kong Nepalese community. This programme introduces how these supporters have connected to the local Nepalese.

    *广播语言 Broadcast Language(s): 尼泊尔语 Nepali & 英语 English




    Episode 12: Preserving Hong Kong Gurkha History

    Dr. John Whelpton has been living in Hong Kong since 1987, working first as an English language secondary school teacher and now as a free-lance Latin tutor. He earlier taught English in Nepal at the Shri Thakur Ram Campus (Birganj) and Amrit Science Campus (Kathmandu) of Tribhuvan University in 1972–1974 and has since returned regularly to Nepal to conduct research on history and politics. He was formerly associated with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His publications include A History of Nepal (2005) and Jang Bahadur in Europe (second edition, 2016).
    In this episode, we will discuss with Dr. John about his publications of Nepal history, past and present social and political development of Nepal, Gurkha history in the context of Nepal and the world, how the Nepalese community of Hong Kong can play a role to develop the relation between Nepal and China.


    25/09/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 21:05 - 22:00)



    Episode 3: Gurkha History in Hong Kong History

    Dr. Kwong Chi-man is an Associate Professor in the Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University. His major research interest is the military history of Asia during the 19th and 20th centuries and he is the specialist advisor of the Hong Kong Museum of History. He has written a number of works on the military history of Hong Kong, including a report about the history of Gurkhas for the Museum of Coastal Defence. In this episode, we will discuss with Dr. Kwong the importance of Gurkha history in Hong Kong history, Gurkha history in the world military history, and what makes his interest in Gurkha history. His academic work includes the Gurkha history as a part of Hong Kong history and the latest development of the Coastal Defence museum to include the Gurkha history.



    24/07/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 21:05 - 22:00)

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