1996 RTHK Awarded Programmes

꺐핸 TV Programmes

  1. ﷿﷿﷿﷿湭㺞䙚湯쉗
    The Common Sense - Behind the Medals

  2. ﷿﷿﷿﷿湭թ₌ⵐ匰쉗
    The Common Sense - A Place Called Home

  3. 熄陞孮籭츁鮏灰﷿
    Book Flash (Series One)

  4. 熄陞孮籭츁鮏ﺶ﷿
    Book Flash (Series Two)


ఱ핸 Radio Programmes

  1. ږ㦑﷿욈﷿﷿湭뭩﷿ɒ䁗ᅮ὿쑜隙᭎慲饘﷿쉗
    Hong Kong Spirit - Media Role in Reallocating Social Resources



꺐핸 TV Programmes

The Common Sense - Behind the Medals

1996 New York Film and Television Festival - Finalist Award, Social Issues/Current Events Category

All over China, thousands of children are being groomed in specialized schools for the highly refined sports of gymnastics and diving. These are fields in which Chinese athletes excel. Each delicate move represents years of hard training. But behind the glamour and medals, there are countless stories of sacrifice and failure.

The Common Sense - Behind the Medals

1996 Chicago International Film & Television Festival - Silver Plaque Award, Children Programme Category

To thousands of people in Hong Kong, home is a unit of these temporary housing areas. The government had indicated that relocation to permanent housing will be completed by 1997, but to residents, the fight for improved living conditions continues. And that remains as a concern for the younger generation as well.

Book Flash (Series One)

1996 New York Film and Television Festival - Finalist Award



  1. 롚㖕䕭慲湭䒞ಖ㙴慲♸쉗﷿熄慲颗灰袟鲀♿⢞﷿﷿⚐晓慲﷿﷿ɒ捣罏⊕ᑻ慲赩걱ǿ
  2. ሣ鍙慲湭ሣ鍙慲ږ㦑罏蝳쉗﷿乣Ŏล䊕ꢃ⊕ろ陋Ŏ면籞ろդ﷿砤䡙㵪饬睭Ŏล䊕ꢃ⊕ろ灰䡙﷿ሣ鍙䊕﷿﷿റﶹ꥗剢慲膜鮏﷿ស슀㡸留慲蝳䊕ⱕ靧Ŏ면籞ろ﷿ሣ鍙ᢀ면籞慲텧큒﷿聪灰Ⱕ㹪佧肀慲ǿ
  3. ⑖⑙䑑慲湭ᑻ⑙浸嚍쉗﷿﷿ၢ㺕﷿婑贈﷿﷿ﶹ਱籞㑿浸嚍﷿煜⑕灰﷿浸嚍ઐ慲᏿쪓蝳﷿癣ꆔᑻ㦑橕艔ស捩慲灰쵹ΐ퐰㝵﷿ǿ
  4. 䉒썹慲湭﷿䎑꒚쉗﷿颗﯋䎑꒚籞慲豿론ǿ

"Book Flash" is a series of 5-minute programmes on Hong Kong literature of different genres such as poetry, prose and fiction. It is hoped that literature will be made accessible to the general public in the form of visual images.

"Book Flash" Series One include:

  1. "Mist Over Lei Yue Mun" by SHU Xiang-cheng
    It is about the return journey of a man who used to live on the boat and has been away for 15 years.
  2. "At the Museum" and "The Lunatic" by Xiao Si
    The author is reminded of some moments in the past by the exhibits in front of her eyes. In "The Lunatic", people's remarks about the lunatic man reminds Xiao Si of those who might look impressive but actually lack real worth. She comments this kind of people sarcastically. In "At the Museum", the author is reminded of some moments in the past by the exhibits in front of her eyes.
  3. "Crossing the Lion Rock Tunnel" by YU Guang-zhong
    The poet was driving all the way from Shatin to Kowloon, and had to pay one dollar toll for crossing the Lion Rock Tunnel. Though it was something mundane, the poet explores its implications and reflects people's ambivalent attitude at the time towards the handover of Hong Kong to China.
  4. "Pomelo Watching" by WANG Liang-hou
    A record of the poet's observations about the pomelo. According to the poet, to enter into the spiritual realm of the pomelo, one needs to go beyond the superficial and employ an alternative perspective.

Book Flash (Series Two)

1996 Chicago International Film & Television Festival - Certificate of Merit


  1. 兑慲湭թ₌འﺻஐ慲﷿㑦쉗﷿퉔₌䑑﷿㑦韛ﶹ慲འﺻஐ佧貔군慲獧熄﷿ﭛၬቩ힀퉔﷿㑦慲鍙슀陋Ґ쑜媂굒灰䲞ǿ
  2. 㩸ᙎ慲湭葠袟ᑻ華慲誆쉗﷿쵫繕끛Ŏᝓ饘﷿ɣろ﷿Œᆄ獧熄沈袟蝧൸퉔₌ᝓ饘롾⁔溜﮼慲灰ὦǿ
  3. ⵦ୷筟慲湭퍫灰ᔰ힀坸흲﷿ᑻ䲈慲꺐嵥눰ᖖ꾆㩿ﳈ﷿㡸陋륞㩿ﳈ﷒䲞慲灰ᔰ詟躂統쀃慲崙㕔﷿㡸陋륞崙㕔慲統쀃흟쉗﷿獧檓Œၬ푗ږ㦑慲㙲䩭﷿썹₌ږ㦑韛桿饬匰慲禮籞﷿₌䡙﷿陋韛桿쮍ᙔ慲䡵牱﷿ꅭ饬դ﷿籭慲ቐറ㉚₌㺂搰ǿ
  4. 㲆⪖慲湭Ꝿ褐졡妎쉗﷿뭩첂﷈﷿睭Ŏ﷿㢗﷿㑦ろ﷿Ŏ㒕⽱慲鹼⑙ろ썹Ŏ᭿큛慲韛ろ﷿ŒᆄꝾ颗獧熄ږ㦑慲韛桿䡙﷿ǿ

"Book Flash" Series Two include:

  1. "Shau Kei Wan" and "Distance and Proximity" by YE Hui
    Ye Hui gives a very detailed description of Shau Kei Wan and those places he has once lived in.
  2. "North Point At Night" by MA Lang
    It is about what the author saw one early morning in the streets near the North Point Pier. The author blends his observations about China in his depiction of the scenes at North Point, and thus projects a much wider world in the poem.
  3. "About a football match broadcast Live on TV during dinner time, and a not so funny quarrel over the match as well as the subsequent funny resolution" by YAN Chun-gou
    It is about the communication breakdown over certain issues between a father, who came from China, and a son, who was born in Hong Kong.
  4. "City Feeling" includes three of Luo Fu's proses "Victoria Park in Ten Years", "Autumn's Sunlight" and "Life is But A Journey". They are all about city life and culture he observed in Hong Kong.


ఱ핸 Radio Programmes


Hong Kong Spirit - Media Role in Reallocating Social Resources

1996 ABU Prize for Information Programmes

This is a collection of excerpts from a Monday evening programme, "Hong Kong Spirit - Mutual Help Resources Centre", which demonstrates how radio plays an interactive role to promote social awareness of poverty, needs of the underprivileged and mutual help in the community.