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'Well-being' - the state of feeling healthy and happy. Every week, we bring in live guests to discuss topics related to health and medical (including covid developments), sports, yoga, food and nutrition, exercise, parenting, mental health, healthy aging and all things wellness, that matter to you.



Powerlifter and Recycling Art


06 - 08
  •  Powerlifter and Recycling Art

    Powerlifter and Recycling Art

    Powerlifter and Recycling Art

  • Zoologist Toni Kingston / IFBB Bikini Pro athlete Amanda Lam

    Zoologist Toni Kingston / IFBB Bikini Pro athlete Amanda Lam

    This week we welcome back our favourite zoologist, Toni Kingston, and his animal friends. Lots of surprises are to be expected, so let's see what he'll pull out of his bag... literally!
    Beauty standards are ever changing, and when it comes to bodybuilding for women, International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness Bikini Pro athlete Amanda Lam has been showing everyone that muscles are beautiful, and that her own transformation deserves a standing ovation. Tune in this Saturday to see for yourself how to train to achieve a body like Amanda's.

    Join Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen this Saturday for All Being Well, live on RTHK TV 31 and RTHK Radio 3.

  • Exercise rehabilitation / Fitness instructor

    Exercise rehabilitation / Fitness instructor

    We know our bodies slow down as we age. So, how much can we delay that, and what can we do to keep our quality of life high? Geoffrey Bland, who is a senior exercise physiologist, will be joining us on the show to discuss what a training programme can look like for an elderly person, and why it is so crucial for seniors to be physically active.

    Janice Ng thought she had it all figured out; great grades, great degree, and a dream job right out of university. However, the ‘dream job’ wasn't what she really wanted, and so she made her way into the fitness industry. Janice now features heavily on the scene, and has developed her ‘absolute focus programme’. She’ll be putting Ben through one of her signature workouts, as well as sharing the deeper meaning behind it.

    Join Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen this Saturday for All Being Well, live on RTHK TV 31 and RTHK Radio 3.

  • Sustainable lifestyle / Ballroom dance

    Sustainable lifestyle / Ballroom dance

    Zero-waste shops in Hong Kong are getting more and more popular. So, how are they impacting consumer lifestyles? Sustainable lifestyle and grocery store 'Slowood' is taking its concept to the streets by introducing a new vending machine.

    Get a sneak peek with us this Saturday. We're excited to have 'Ballroom Bees' back this week, and this time, with children joining us for a 'live' number too. Founder Katya Virshilas will walk us through her journey so far, from dancing with Antonio Banderas in the iconic movie 'Take The Lead', appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, to now teaching young children how to move. So get your dancing shoes on and join us this Saturday at 3pm on RTHK TV31 and RTHK Radio 3, for...All Being Well.

  • Breathing with Trees / Sevens captain

    Breathing with Trees / Sevens captain

    Hong Kong, with its densely packed "concrete jungle" built up areas has been striving to coexist with nature through better urban planning and improved conservation. As we enjoy our weekend hikes and nature walks, what can we do for the environment? The heritage and arts centre, Tai Kwun, in Central, is staging a new exhibition "Breathing with Trees", and curator Ying Kwok will be sharing her insights and highlights from the artists, live in studio.

    The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is a world famous sporting event, always jam packed with spectators and brightly coloured with all of the costumes. Imagine being the captain of the home side and leading your team out into the cauldron that is the Hong Kong Stadium. This week we’ll be joined by Sevens captain Max Woodward to hear what it’s like. Max is also a personal trainer and will be sharing some routines with us.

  • Ninja Force / Mindful yoga

    Ninja Force / Mindful yoga

    Ever wondered how contestants on shows like American Ninja Warriors and The Ultimate Beastmasters train? This week, we take you to Ninja Force in Yuen Long, where coach Victor Ko shows Ben Cullen and our Radio 3 intern Kyle Tse how to master outdoor obstacle courses!

    From intense fitness training to mindful yoga, as Zinzi Culalic will share her insight, from aerial yoga to prenatal yoga, followed by a live in-studio demo to show you how to practice at home.

    Tune in this Saturday at 3pm, live on RTHK TV31 and live on RTHK Radio 3, for All Being Well, co-hosted by Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen.

  • Performance Coach / Young author on positivity

    Performance Coach / Young author on positivity

    Training smart is what fitness enthusiasts strive for, and this week we'll learn from mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, and women's boot camp founder, Tricia Yap. Tricia has gone from coaching BJJ athletes as a strength coach, to focussing also on nutritional and functional medicine. She'll share her insight on how to make the most of your fitness routine -- and her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter will also join us, to showcase how fitness is not just for grown-ups!

    Speaking of young people, the pandemic has led to a range of challenges particular to the younger generation. Danby Leung, an 18-year-old local student, is making an impact through writing. He's releasing four books to help his peers stay positive and motivated.

    Tune in this Saturday at 3pm to All Being Well, hosted by Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen.

  • Cosmetics Recycling / Stress relief

    Cosmetics Recycling / Stress relief

    Sustainability has become increasingly important for the beauty and cosmetics world. More products are made with environmental concerns in mind, and more consumers look for eco-friendly ingredients. How are the big players in the industry driving change? Niki Lo from L'Oreal Hong Kong will join us to talk about recycling.

    Stress plays a huge role in many people's lives in Hong Kong, if not everyone's! But how does stress impact your health and fitness goals? Dan Kan is joining us on the show to explain what steps we can take to help restore balance, as well as taking Ben through a great workout that we can add into our routines.

  • IV therapy / IVF treatment

    IV therapy / IVF treatment

    When it comes to wellness, everyone has a different favourite go-to. Some like yoga, some like sound baths, and some would go further than just taking oral supplements, and try IV therapy. What exactly is this, and why has it grown in popularity in Hollywood and Hong Kong? What are the benefits and what could be the risks? Ben Cullen chats to Dr Jonathan Seah, co-founder of LifeHub, and tries it out himself.

    From IV therapy, to IVF, we dive into the topic of infertility with Dr Louis Chan. What are the causes of infertility, apart from genetics, and what can be done to encourage a higher success rate in IVF treatment?

  • Floatation Therapy / Combat Food Waste

    Floatation Therapy / Combat Food Waste

    We're taking you out of our studio and into a float centre this week ! Want to know about the benefits of floatation therapy for relaxing your mind and body? Ben will step right in and give you a full review.

    There are many ways to combat food waste, and CHOMP is an app that is tackling the issue with a "mystery box" solution. Co-founder Carla Martinesi will join us live on the show to explain how.

    Tune in this Saturday at 3pm, live on RTHK TV31 and live on RTHK Radio 3, for All Being Well, co-hosted by Alyson Hau and Ben Cullen.

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