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    Four distinguished choreographers (MUI Cheuk-yin, Yuri NG, Daniel YEUNG and Dick WONG) bring together four choreographic works that are definitely not only limited to four life experiences.

    Choreographic Work: “29+50=30” Choreographer: Yuri NG Dancers: Icey LAM, Terry TSANG
    A record of sea waves.
    If there is no wind, there will be no wave. Bearing close resemblance to water sleeves, the sound of waves carries the wind. Being blown by the wind, the waves change every second.

    Choreographic Work: “A Body Research” Choreographer: Dick WONG Dancers: Carmen LI
    How possible is it for dance to be a performance? For a performance having dancers and dance as the theme, can it be regarded as a dance performance? And how much room is there for the experiment of having dance as the form of performance?

    Choreographic Work: “Faces” Choreographer and Dancer: MUI Cheuk-yin
    A solo dance. Years pass like cloud and mist. People and things will alter and end in silence.

    Choreographic Work: “Hong Kong March 1989-2019” Choreographer and Dancer: Daniel YEUNG
    Looking at Hong Kong in the past 30 years in retrospect. When our feelings cannot be accurately expressed even by language and words, we will return to the lament of pure sound and feel moved only by the body.

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    • 唐宫香梦证前盟



      播出时间:2021年1月23日 (六) 晚上11时 及 1月24日 (日) 下午1时

    • 布雷根兹音乐节 2019 - 歌剧「弄臣」

      布雷根兹音乐节 2019 - 歌剧「弄臣」

      威尔第笔下其中一套最引人入胜,最令人毛骨悚然,也是最美丽的巨着《弄臣》,首次搬到布雷根兹的湖上舞台演出。担任导演及舞台设计的斯托尔兹尔(Philipp Stölzl),一直以萨尔茨堡音乐节的成功制作及德国乐队Rammstein的音乐短片而驰名国际。他在今次制作威尔第的歌剧中,以鲜明对比手法,突显壮观和亲密的室内戏剧空间感。


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年1月16日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2021年1月17日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2021年1月30日 星期六

      Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece Rigoletto – compelling, blood-curdling and beautiful – is being performed for the first time on the Bregenz lake stage. The stage director and designer Philipp Stölzl, known for his successful productions at Salzburg Festival as well as music videos for the German band Rammstein, highlights the striking contrasts between spectacle and intimate chamber drama in his production of Verdi's opera. 

      "Breathtaking, tight and thrilling arrangement, extremely beautiful. Philipp Stölzl delivers a superlative Rigoletto to Bregenz lake stage." (Frankfurter Rundschau Online) 
      "The performance of the three main characters has been outstanding." (Der Standard Online)
      "Rigoletto becomes a Hollywood spectacle on Lake Constance." (Handelsblatt)
      "Nothing but a sensation." (SWR 2)

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.1.16 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2021.1.17 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.1.30 SAT

    • 歌剧「游唱诗人」

      美国剧集《权力游戏》巧遇威尔第!传奇导演泽菲雷利(Franco Zeffirelli)带领巨星涅翠柯(Anna Netrebko)首度亮相维罗纳圆形竞技场,参演威尔第最受欢迎的歌剧之一《游唱诗人》。


      受人敬重的歌剧大师泽菲雷利,在《游唱诗人》首演前不久去世。他创造一个个传奇的场景,包括庞大的装甲骑士兵团,一座堡垒变成一个发光的大教堂,一个庞大的合唱团,加上马匹,以及令人叹为观止的打斗场面,被歌剧杂志Das Opernglas形容为「也许是他最佳的舞台制作」。

      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年1月9日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2021年1月10日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2021年1月23日 星期六

      'Game of Thrones' meets Verdi! A monumental staging by legendary director Franco Zeffirelli brings superstar Anna Netrebko to the Arena of Verona where she is giving her much-anticipated debut in one of Giuseppe Verdi’s most popular operas, Il Trovatore. The stellar cast of this production meets all expectations. Next to Anna Netrebko as Leonora perform Verdi accomplished baritone Luca Salsi as Count di Luna and Yusif Eyvazov returns to the Arena as his powerful-voiced opponent Manrico. MET star Dolora Zajick as Azucena and young rising Italian bass Riccardo Fassi as Ferrando join the prestigious ensemble. 

      The revered master of opera Franco Zeffirelli, who died shortly before the premiere of Il Trovatore, created a legendary scenery with groups of giant sized armoured knights, a fortress turning into a luminous cathedral, an enormous choir, horses, breathtaking fights: “his perhaps best arena production” (Opernglas).

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.1.9 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2021.1.10 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.1.23 SAT

    • 男高音杜明高歌剧精选

      在令人叹为观止的维罗纳圆形竞技场上,歌剧界传奇人物杜明高举行了一场盛大而壮观的盛典!50年前,年轻的马德里歌唱家杜明高(Plácido Domingo)在这古老的露天剧场首次亮相,之后他便和这地方展开一段持久而独特的关系。


      无论是巴比伦国王那布哥,苏格兰将军麦克白,还是总督西蒙•波卡尼格拉,杜明高的多才多艺与神采都给人留下深刻印象。歌剧杂志Das Opernglas更称赞他的男中音音调饱满,音色饱满,音质独特,这一切都体现了他的特殊地位。

      参与演出的出色歌唱家,包括波洛奇(Anna Pirozzi)和克鲁斯(Arturo Chacón-Cruz),并由指挥家毕拿西(Jordi Bernácer)带领精心排练的芭蕾舞团携手在维罗纳圆形竞技场上演出。对于杜明高和维罗纳圆形竞技场来说,几乎是一个欢欣的历史性时刻!

      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年1月2日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2021年1月3日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2021年1月16日 星期六

      What a pompous and exquisite gala to celebrate opera legend Plácido Domingo in the breathtaking Arena di Verona! 50 years ago the young Madrilenian singer Plácido Domingo gave his debut at the ancient open-air theatre: the beginning of a lasting and exceptional relationship. 

      To mark the anniversary, Domingo presents a programme entirely dedicated to Verdi, performing three of his most complex and majestic baritone roles. No effort was spared to create an unforgettable evening in a unique atmosphere in the completely sold-out amphitheatre, which has been at the heart of Italian entertainment for almost 2,000 years. 

      Whether as Babylonian king Nabucco, Scottish general Macbeth or as Doge Simon Boccanegra: Domingo’s versatility and aura is more than impressive, with “top phrasing and articulation, his baritone with full and sonorous intonation and a unique timbre – all this substantiates his exceptional position” (Das Opernglas). 

      At the side of Domingo shines an excellent cast including Anna Pirozzi and Arturo Chacón-Cruz, supported by a perfectly rehearsed ballet under the baton of conductor Jordi Bernàcer who sovereignly leads the Orchestra of the Arena di Verona from scene to scene. A triumphal, almost historic moment for Domingo and the Arena di Verona!

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.1.2 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2021.1.3 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.1.16 SAT

    • 柏林爱乐除夕音乐会—百老汇音乐之夜



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2020年12月26日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2020年12月27日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2021年12月26日 星期日

      For the first time, the Berliner Philharmoniker‘s new chief conductor Kirill Petrenko is at the helm for the traditional New Year’s Eve concert – which at the same time reveals a new, vibrant facet to Petrenko’s repertoire. The evening’s programme takes us on a musical journey to the USA: with dances from Bernstein’s West Side Story and Gershwin’s An American in Paris.
      Star soprano Diana Damrau, performing with the Philharmoniker for the first time, accompanies Kirill Petrenko on his excursion into the field of musicals. She has, however, already worked with him a number of times and she raves about his conducting style: “He’s a magician!”

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.12.26 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.12.27 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.12.26 SUN

    • 香港浸会大学交响乐团周年音乐会




      12月19日(星期六)   晚上 11:00      港台电视31   

      12月20日(星期日)   下午   1:00        [重播]  

    • 贝多芬诞辰250周年柏林音乐会


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2020年12月12日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2020年12月13日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2020年12月26日 星期六

      In 2020, Ludwig van Beethoven is the focus of the Staatskapelle Berlin’s suberb open-air concert. With star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter playing Beethoven’s Violin Romances Nos. 1 & 2, the composer anticipated the romantic genre of the "song without words“. In capturing the expressive "singing on the instrument“, the virtuoso talent and remarkable art of Anne-Sophie Mutter are once again demonstrated. 
      Daniel Barenboim has devoted his life to Beethoven‘s work and mentality. The musical director, pianist and cultural activist conducts the Staatskapelle Berlin and the State Opera Chorus in this concert. Giving justice to the 9th Symphony with its insistent appeal to humanity and its forward-looking utopian character, are the high calibre artists: Julia Kleiter, Waltraud Meier, Andreas Schager and René Pape.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.12.12 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.12.13 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.12.26 SAT

    • Philharmonic 5 不一样的贝多芬

      为庆祝贝多芬诞辰250周年,Philharmonic 5将贝多芬跨越时空的音乐,带到去东京teamLab Planets数字艺术美术馆。这个占地达10,000平方米的场地,是世界首个数码电子艺术博物馆。馆内通过520台电脑及470台投影器,营造出一个让人沈醉的绚丽数码艺术空间。
      由五名音乐家组成的Philharmonic 5,当中四位是来自维也纳爱乐乐团的独奏家,第五位成员则是当代最伟大的钢琴家之一。他们会利用声音美学、独特演绎手法和出众技巧,结合当代动人的感情表达方式,继而重塑一段段古典音乐作品。而这种具备电影和爵士音乐元素的编曲,亦突显出贝多芬的创新精神,及大师级的即兴创作天分,以及早在爵士音乐和电影音乐风格诞生前,贝多芬独有的前胆性写作方式。Philharmonic 5就在teamLab的空间中,透过贝多芬的音乐,创造一个崭新的感官和听觉效果。

      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2020年12月5日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2020年12月6日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2020年12月19日 星期六

      On the occasion of his anniversary year the Philharmonic Five bring Beethoven‘s timeless music to life in the extraordinary venue of teamLab Tokyo, the world’s first digital art museum on 10,000 square meters. Some 520 computers and 470 projectors power the digital artworks, which completely transform their physical space using animated graphics, colour and light. The Philharmonic Five, four soloists from the ranks of the Wiener Philharmoniker together with one of the most prolific pianists of our time, combine their sound aesthetics, the art of phrasing and virtuosity with a modern, powerful dynamic of expression and reinvent classical music. The arrangement in film and jazz music style emphasize Beethoven’s truly innovative spirit, and above all his talent for improvisation and his way of anticipating jazz and film music elements long before their birth. In the space of teamLab the Philharmonic Five create a completely new sensory and auditory impression of his oeuvre.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.12.5 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.12.6 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.12.19 SAT

    • 费加洛的婚礼


      《演艺盛荟》为观众带来四幕歌剧《费加洛的婚礼》,由莫札特(Mozart)作曲,罗伦素达庞德(Lorenzo Da Ponte)作词,改编自法国剧作家彭马歇(Beaumarchais)同名剧作。



      11月28日(星期六)    晚上11:00     港台电视31
      11月29日(星期日)    下午1:00       [重播]

    • Kenny Rogers 告别演唱会

      美国著名乡谣歌手Kenny Rogers纵横乐坛六十载,对美国音乐工业影响深远。他的歌曲,旋律优美动听,打动人心,令万千乐迷如痴如醉。冠军歌曲包括“The Gambler”,“Coward of the Country”,“Through the Years”,“Lady”以及“Islands in the Stream”等等,都是对美国音乐界甚具启发性的经典作品。这位拥有24首榜首金曲的歌手,曾获3座格林美奖,更六次夺得美国乡村音乐学院奖,并入选乡村音乐名人堂。于2017年,美国多位歌手包括Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Chris Stapleton, Don Henley 及 Elle King等,与乐迷齐集纳什维尔,为Kenny Rogers举行一场告别演唱会,向他致敬。

      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2020年11月21日 星期六  晚上11时
      (重温) 2020年11月22日 星期日  下午1时
      (网上重温) 至 2020年12月5日 星期六

      In a career that has spanned more than six decades, Kenny Rogers has left an indelible mark on the history of American music. His songs have endeared music lovers and touched the lives of millions around the world. Chart-topping hits like “The Gambler,” “Coward of the Country,” “Through the Years,” “Lady,” and “Islands in the Stream” are just a handful of Kenny Rogers’ songs that continue to inspire new generations of artists and fans alike. Rogers, with twenty-four number-one hits, is a six-time CMA Awards winner, Country Music Hall of Fame, three-time GRAMMY® Award winner, a recipient of the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 CMAs, and has been voted the “Favorite Singer of All Time” in a joint poll by readers of both USA Today and People.

      Kenny Rogers’ Farewell Concert Celebration is an event brought together fans, friends and music icons, featuring performances by Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Chris Stapleton, Don Henley, Elle King, Idina Menzel, Jamey Johnson, Lady Antebellum, Lionel Richie, Little Big Town, Kris Kristofferson, Reba McEntire, The Flaming Lips, The Judds and Wynonna along with many other special guests, to celebrate Kenny Rogers’ final farewell to Nashville.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.11.21 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.11.22 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.12.5 SAT