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  • A step away

    A step away

    A step away

  • Silo-Cave


    The protection of Silo-Cave building.

  • Reap What You Sow

    Reap What You Sow

    As a way of managing increasing social tensions in Chinese society, the government have been trying to rebuild social work as a profession in recent years. However, supporting institutions remain immature and resources implored focus in urban area and undermine the needs in rural area. Young Chinese social workers were frustrated for not being able to make any impact in developing a self-sustained community, instead, endless scattered short-term cases needed to be handled only when incidents happened. Some of them therefore decided to start social work campaigns in rural area, hoping to find a way to turn rural economy self-sustainable.
    Xian Liang Xi Village, like most of the rural villages in China, loses its vitality since most youngsters migrated into cities to look for jobs. Some social workers tried to organize women who are left behind to run a hostel business. They thought this would help these women to gain confidence and hence a way of living without to need to move to cities. Later, youngsters, who were tired to leaving home in exchange for a busy life-style, were also motivated by them and come back to work with these social workers, hoping to make the village economically self-sustainable again.
    As outsiders, would these social workers be able to bring back vitality to Xian Lian Xi Village? Under the current Chinese state policies that aim at developing cities by undermining rural areas, what difficulties would they encounter?

  • The Birthmark of a village

    The Birthmark of a village

    No one could choose their own family; and these children were born in an isolated leprosy rehabilitation village.
    In 1950s, their ancestors were infected with leprosy and forcingly isolated in Dai Huo Di Village in Yunnan Province, where they started a new life and settled down. Despite of the fact that all the patients there were completely cured in 1980s-90s, the name of “leprosy village” is still lingering the village today, and the healthy children are being labeled, discriminated and even having difficulties to go to school properly.
    While everyone see Da Huo Di as a cursed place, it is yet a heartwarming home in 19-year-old Fu Chao Wen’s eyes.

  • Behind the scene

    Behind the scene

    Some people commented 2018 was “Year of Idol” in Mainland China. Two reality competitions shows were popular among youngsters and became a hot topic on internet. How the young trainees struggle for the competition and stay at audience’s heart?

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