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The brand new series of “Gold Song Talk” will uphold the “passing on” spirit of last year’s “Hall of Wisdom” programme. With local pop music and Chinese songs as the theme, this series will invite several distinguished singers to speak to young students on their visits to university campuses. Through interactions and sharing, we hope that our guests can broaden our students’ horizons and inspire them, thereby passing on the precious experience and wisdom of predecessors to our next generation.

When Hong Kong’s economy took off in the 1970’s, local pop music also thrived along. Since then, there have been a lot of well-liked works, and Cantonese songs have even become a crucial part of one’s identity as a Hong Konger. “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award”, organised by Radio Television Hong Kong, remains a major event in the local pop music scene, witnessing that the music industry and the city flourished as one. To echo the 40th anniversary of the Award, the title of this series of “Hall of Wisdom” will be “Gold Song Talk”.

We collaborated with local universities including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. Moreover, we will adhere to the format and the production experience of the previous series, meaning that in addition to television coverage, the sound recording of the seminars will be available on radio, while some seminars will also be broadcast live on Facebook. Through this format, we hope to bring spectacular seminars in universities to a broad audience.

Host: Erica LI (Renowned writer and lyricist) and Tin Yee (RTHK DJ)

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