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    A chicken moves gracefully across the barnyard to classical music. Henrietta is impressed: She wants to learn to dance like that, too. But the ballet moves that look so easy when the chicken executes them do not work for Henrietta. With each pirouette, she annoys her friends more and more, until they take away the record she is dancing to.

    Channel: RTHK 31
    Time: (First Run) 2021.4.25 SUN 8:52am
    (Re-run) 2021.4.25 SUN 6:22pm
    (Re-run) 2021.5.1 SAT 6:22pm
    (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.5.24  MON


    • 凯利与纸鹞



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      While Henrietta is flying her kite, it breaks free and gets stuck on the roof of the farmhouse. Now Henrietta needs her friends’ help. Together, they defy the wind and, in the end, retrieve the kite.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.25 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.25 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.31 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.23 MON

    • 凯利与消失的苹果批



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      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月18日 星期日 上午8时52分
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      (重温) 2021年7月24日 星期六 下午6时22分
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      The great apple festival is about to begin. The Farmer has baked a delicious-smelling apple pie, which she places on the windowsill to cool down. But suddenly, the pie has disappeared – all that is left of it are a few crumbs, and they lead right to Henrietta's stall. In the end, the real apple-pie thieves are exposed.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.18 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.18 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.24 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.16 MON

    • 凯利病了



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月11日 星期日 上午8时52分
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      (重温) 2021年7月17日 星期六 下午6时22分
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      Henrietta is sick. Plagued by a fever, shivering and a nasty cough, she has to spend the whole day in her stall. The Farmer takes care of Henrietta and gives her cough syrup and hot soup, but she doesn’t realize that she, too, is starting to cough.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.11 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.11 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.17 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.9  MON

    • 凯利观看野生动物



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月4日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年7月4日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年7月10日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年8月2日 星期一

      The countryside has lots of interesting animals to offer. But Henrietta quickly realizes that it is not so easy for a cow of her size to observe smaller animals. When she is just about to give up, she makes a remarkable discovery and decides to investigate.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.4 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.4 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.10 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.2  MON

    • 挑食的凯利



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月27日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年6月27日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年7月3日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月26日 星期一

      Henrietta really does not like the healthy green vegetable smoothie that the Farmer gives her. While trying to make the juice inconspicuously disappear, Henrietta and her friends generate some chaos at the farm.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.27 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.27 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.3 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.26  MON

    • 凯利送包裹


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月20日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年6月20日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年6月26日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月19日 星期一

      The Postman would like to play along with the Farmer, but, unfortunately, he doesn’t have an instrument to play on. That’s easy to fix! Henrietta prepares a very special package for him. But delivering the package turns out to be more difficult than expected.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.20 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.20 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.26 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.19  MON

    • 凯利是只守门牛


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月13日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年6月13日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年6月19日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月12日 星期一

      Dog has caught a cold and is allowed to sleep in the farmhouse. For safety's sake, Henrietta takes Dog’s watch duties upon herself. But at night, it is much scarier in the yard than she thought.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.13 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.13 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.19 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.12  MON

    • 凯利拍照


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月6日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年6月6日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年6月12日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月5日 星期一

      Henrietta wants to decorate her stall with photos of her friends. But taking pictures turns out not to be that easy. When her camera disappears, she immediately suspects the chickens. Only the Farmer can solve the mystery of the missing camera.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.6 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.6 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.12 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.5  MON

    • 凯利与小马快车


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年5月30日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年5月30日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年6月5日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年6月28日 星期一

      Henrietta has an appointment with the vet and cannot accompany the Postman on his delivery tour. The Postman needs another assistant and asks Pony. In the village, Henrietta sees them delivering the mail together and becomes jealous. After all, Henrietta is the post-cow! Henrietta's jealousy leads to a bit of mayhem.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.5.30 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.5.30 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.5 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.6.28  MON

    • 凯利射入一球


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年5月23日 星期日 上午8时52分
      (重温) 2021年5月23日 星期日 下午6时22分
      (重温) 2021年5月29日 星期六 下午6时22分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年6月21日 星期一

      While playing behind the stalls, Henrietta comes across a mysterious package. She is very curious, and when she discovers a small soccer goal in it, she can hardly believe her eyes. She secretly takes it into her stall to try it out – but it's not that easy to keep such a great present secret.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.5.23 SUN 8:52am
      (Re-run) 2021.5.23 SUN 6:22pm
      (Re-run) 2021.5.29 SAT 6:22pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.6.21  MON