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    Hong Kong is a place where tradition intersects with modernity. It is home to a host of nostalgic snacks that evoke various memories. Founded in 1927, Chan Yee Jai is a near century-old brand specialising in traditional dried fruit and nibbles, and has a reputation for being a maker of “heavenly snacks”. The shop has always insisted on having its products handmade in Hong Kong, with its bean curd roll with shrimp roe being prepared fresh daily. Meanwhile, Dai Foon Hay Bakery, which is located in a village in Tsing Yi, is run by two brothers. To continue their father’s wish of treating neighbourhood residents to the flavours of tradition, they have been working hard to carry on their father’s legacy. The nostalgic, one-of-a-kind glutinous rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaf and duck liver mooncake are only available here.

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    • The Legend of the Supermarket

      The Legend of the Supermarket

      Tung Tai Provisions has witnessed the century-long development of Hong Kong since its establishment as a free port. The first-generation founder went from being a street vendor to opening a corner store, which would eventually become a supermarket. The business has faced countless challenges posed by changing times, including a price war between two major supermarket chains which resulted in the closure of some of its branches. Tung Tai Provisions then turned to the wholesale of canned foods, rice, noodles, and wine, among other products, so as to sustain the operation of its supermarket. Only the main branch in Sai Ying Pun remains today – it continues to sell various age-old products in order to preserve local nostalgia. Although business declined during the epidemic, not only did the owner not dismiss any employees, but he even distributed supplies to neighbourhood residents in need on a frequent basis. The brand is equally rich in history and humanity.

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    • The Grandmasters

      The Grandmasters

      Kow Hoo Shoe Company first opened in Shanghai in the 1920s. Due to the exquisite craftsmanship of its shoemakers, it boasts a clientele of public figures the likes of I.M. Pei, Jin Yong, and Sir Pao Yue-Kong. Through hard work and society’s recently renewed appreciation for bespoke artistry, the century-old brand is confident that the craft will live on. A-Man Hing Cheong has a history of more than 100 years. Many local political and business leaders, including Li Ka-shing and Sir David Li, have been its customers for countless years. To ensure that standards are maintained, it never outsources to a third party – each and every suit is 100% “Made in Hong Kong”.

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    • Fifth-Generation Fusion

      Fifth-Generation Fusion

      Tai Ping Koon Restaurant has a history of more than 160 years, and is the first Western restaurant in China to be opened by a person of Chinese descent. Many of its signature dishes, including chicken wings in Swiss Sauce, the soufflé, roasted pigeon, and smoked pomfret, are the talk of the town. But how does the restaurant ensure that its century-old flavours can be passed on to future generations? And how can this local collective memory live on and continue to tug at the heartstrings hereafter? This is the most pressing matter that requires the attention of the restaurant’s fifth-generation owner, Andrew Chui.

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    • Timeless Tea House

      Timeless Tea House

      Luk Yu Tea House is more than just a Michelin-recommended restaurant famous for its nostalgic dim sums and Cantonese cuisine. It has been serving up tantalising tea and delectable delights for 90 years, and champions the preservation of traditional yum cha culture. Exuding antique elegance, the tea house is one of the few remaining Lingnan style buildings in Hong Kong and also home to the priceless works of Chinese painting master, Chang Dai-chien. The relationship between the employees and owner makes for an even more interesting story. As for its dim sums, the chef pays particular attention to the freshness of the ingredients in order to preserve authentic flavours. For example, he insists on using top-quality pork liver for the pork liver shumai. The menu also includes many other renowned, mouth-watering dishes such as stir-fried pigeon with Chinese ham, fried goby with ham and vegetables, and deep-fried chicken with glutinous rice.

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    • The Soy Sauce Factor

      The Soy Sauce Factor

      Sammy Yip, the founder of Sammy’s Kitchen, has been mesmerised by French cuisine all his life. He opened a steakhouse in Sai Ying Pun in 1969, serving up hotel-quality food at affordable prices, so as to enable the general public to experience the indulgence of a steak dinner. To cater to the tastes of local Chinese diners, he later developed Hong Kong-style Western dishes, also known as “Soy Sauce Western Cuisine”. He also created two “parallel universes” within the same restaurant: the “Soy Sauce Western Cuisine Bistro” and the “Steakhouse”, drawing in a host of celebrities with classic offerings such as Sammy’s Sauce Fillet Steak, the mixed grill sizzler, Hot Cat, and Black Bull. The giant neon cow sign hanging above the eatery’s entrance was designed by Sammy himself. Once regarded as a landmark of the Western District, it was taken down many years ago in compliance with safety regulations and now calls the M+ Museum home!

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    • An All-Weather Companion

      An All-Weather Companion

      Leung So Kee is a time-honoured brand renowned for its umbrellas which are handmade in Hong Kong. Leung Man-shing, the fourth-generation owner, has been silently toiling away to preserve the family legacy which began in 1885. Despite having undergone relocation and succession this year, the business continues to insist on adhering to manual production and providing lifetime warranties. The presenter will visit the shop at its new address and also participate in a handmade umbrella workshop held by the fifth-generation descendant, Kiki Leung. How has Leung So Kee withstood the test of time and kept the family legacy alive?

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    • Vegetarian Veteran

      Vegetarian Veteran

      This vegetarian restaurant has been in business for more than a century and is currently run by the fifth-generation owner. Its traditional braised assorted vegetarian snack platter is renowned the world over and constitutes a part of many Hongkongers’ childhood memories, with the sweet and sour gluten puffs being the most popular item among diners. In addition to being a long-time haunt of neighbourhood residents, it also draws crowds from afar. The time-honoured eatery has withstood the test of time thanks to the hard work and persistence of several generations. How will they tackle the challenges of the next 100 years?

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    • Understairs Wares

      Understairs Wares

      Unique to Hong Kong’s landscape, understairs shops are rare architectural gems in our city. Wing Wah Shoes is an embroidered slipper store on Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, that is tucked away under a flight of stairs. With an area of less than 100 square feet, it is visited by many brides-to-be who come to buy its embroidered mandarin duck shoes. Hidden under another staircase is Gun Kee Shoes, a cobbler shop established in the early 1990s. Edward So, the current owner, chose to inherit his father’s legacy upon seeing how he remained emotionally attached to the business even on his deathbed.

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    • When White Congee Meets Black Sesame Soup

      When White Congee Meets Black Sesame Soup

      Those who dedicate themselves to making life warmer and sweeter for others have often tasted all the flavours of life. On Ning Po Street in Jordan, there are two time-honoured shops, Sun Hing Chang Restaurant and Kai Kai Dessert, serving up authentic fare: one sells raw fish congee, while the other offers a variety of Chinese sweet soups. Both are frequented by neighbourhood residents and foodies alike. Although running a food business is gruelling work, these two longstanding eateries have been able to persist because of their owners’ love for their respective families. Each bowl of congee and sweet soup tells the tale of their travails.

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    • A Feast of Colour

      A Feast of Colour

      In Choi Hung Estate, there is an eatery which opened more than 58 years ago and remains jam-packed to this very day. Kam Pik Restaurant has been in business since the completion of Kam Pik House in Choi Hung Estate in 1964. Mr Yuen Chau, the owner at that time, actively took part in the public affairs of the estate, and had one of the biggest hearts of anyone there. The siblings of the Yuen family have been helping out at the restaurant since they were little. They took over their father’s business after Mr Yuen passed away, working together to preserve classic dishes. In this episode, apart from discovering the story of this time-honoured eatery, we will also show viewers how four of the traditional dishes on the menu are prepared, including soy sauce chicken, fried wontons with sweet and sour sauce, fried crab claws, and ketchup prawns. It’s guaranteed to be a feast for the stomach as well as the eyes.

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