冒险旅行家 Simon Reeve 今次展开地中海之旅。地中海周边风景如画,自古以来却饱受战乱、贫富悬殊等问题冲击。Simon 从中东、北非一路走到欧洲,旅途上与来自不同背景、不同国籍的人交谈,聆听他们的故事和遭遇,令这趟难忘的旅程充满色彩及惊喜。

    Adventure journalist Simon Reeve brings his trademark charm, humour and analysis to this exploration of the challenges facing this stunning part of the world. The Mediterranean was once a watchword for serenity, turquoise seas and delicious cuisine. But now, as in ancient times, it’s at the epicentre of world events - bridging the tumult of the Middle East, the growing population of Africa and a stagnating, stumbling southern Europe. On this huge and unexpected journey, Simon meets a range of colourful and passionate people as he makes his way from the beautiful and troubled regions of Southern Italy and Albania, through the volatile Middle East, across North Africa before uncovering the hidden secrets of Spain and the Côte d'Azur.

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