Nothing is inexhaustible. Since the 70’s, the supply of the Earth’s natural resources began to fail meeting the demand.
Although Hong Kong is a small place, our lifestyle is excessively consuming natural resources. How we can turn waste into energy is an issue this generation must rethink about.
In this TV series, RTHK will seek advice from experts on local environmental protection issues of great concern, and make reference to the successful examples of the environmentally advanced countries in the nearby Asian region and Europe, so as to explore and analyze in detail how they treat the solid waste constantly generated every day, how they reduce the volume of the waste, how they effectively classify and recycle the waste, how they turn these waste into useful resources, how they strive to seek renewable energy, how they turn concrete jungles into green cities, and so on. We aim to raise the public awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, and that we can find a suitable way for ourselves and make contribution to the green home of our next generation.

Executive Producer: May Tang

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