一连三集《人类诞生》 解开智人存活至今之谜!





    An extraordinary journey exploring several million years of human evolution; from the earliest hominid born in Africa to our species that in the end explosively spread across the globe. In their story full of reversals and amazing comebacks, incredible dramas unfold as they survive crisis after crisis. Ultra-high resolution, super-elaborate computer imageries and cutting-edge VFX footage created by world's renown game creators based on various discoveries from latest research will take viewers to hyper realistic worlds that prehistoric hominids and our direct ancestors may have seen. The viewers witness the pivotal moments in the evolutionary path to us modern humans unfold on screen and also experience for themselves what may have happened on the great journey of our ancestors through researchers' experimental approaches.

    After the first known hominid species appeared on the African continent several million years ago, their offspring species branched into some lineages that all went extinct except for one. As far as the latest research has revealed, at least twenty different species once lived on Earth, and some of them lived at the same ages, competing among them for survival. In the end, only Homo sapience survived and all the others were gone. The series explores the great mysteries of anthropology; what traits, what environmental conditions, and what chance events happened to ensure the survival of our lineage. In the end the viewers will understand some traits we inherited from our distant ancestors were the key to their survival...

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