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    播出时间: (首播) 2021年4月18日 星期日 上午8时45分
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    Oona has promised Baba she'll take him to the beach but Mossy and May both need her help, so a bored Baba must entertain himself for a while. Baba befriends a caterpillar but can't find it again when he brings Mama to meet it. Mama explains that caterpillars turn into a chrysalis before becoming something really wonderful. Oona, Baba and Mama settle down to watch what happens when the chrysalis is ready to hatch.

    Channel: RTHK 31
    Time: (First Run) 2021.4.18 SUN 8:45am
    (Re-run) 2021.4.18 SUN 6:15pm
    (Re-run) 2021.4.24 SAT 6:15pm
    (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.5.22 SAT


    • 超级蜗牛



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年8月1日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年8月1日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年8月7日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年9月4日 星期六

      Baba has made a new friend: a little snail! Oona asks Baba to judge a race between her and May, and Baba reluctantly agrees to leave the snail for a little while. But when Baba returns – the snail has disappeared! Baba is upset and Oona and May help him to search far and wide for the snail. Where can he have gone? Snails can’t move that fast, can they? Baba gives up hope of seeing his friend again, just as something amazing happens…

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.8.1 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.8.1 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.8.7 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.9.4 SAT

    • 海龟的士



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月25日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年7月25日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年7月31日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年8月28日 星期六

      Bernie is keen to have a quiet day on his own, but he has a surprise visitor: Bernadette, his lady friend, is coming to shore. When Bernie realizes that Bernadette is being carried away by the tide, he knows he has to do something to help, but Hermit Crabs are not very good swimmers. Luckily, Oona has a brilliant idea to help Bernie rescue Bernadette, and his plans for a quiet day turn into something much more exciting.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.25 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.25 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.31 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.28 SAT

    • 小刺猬寻找妈妈



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月18日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年7月18日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年7月24日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年8月21日 星期六

      Spiky, the baby hedgehog has lost his Mama. While Oona goes to ask for Mama Puffin’s advice, Baba and Spiky head-off alone to find Spiky’s mama. Oona is very worried. Where has Baba gone? In the end, Spiky finds his mama, and Baba is reunited with his big sister, Oona.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.18 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.18 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.24 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.21 SAT

    • 石从天降



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月11日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年7月11日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年7月17日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年8月14日 星期六

      Some rocks have fallen from the cliff and the entrance to Bernie’s grotto has been blocked. Poor Bernie is trapped inside! Oona, Baba and their friends must find a way to work together as a team to move the rocks safely – and free Bernie.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.11 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.11 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.17 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.14 SAT

    • 回到池塘



      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年7月4日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年7月4日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年7月10日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年8月7日 星期六

      It’s the middle of the night! Oona, Baba, Mama and Papa should be sleeping but they’ve been woken-up by a little frog. The family help the sweet little frog find his way home to the pond. After a fun adventure, they discover that the pond is full of frogs hopping and splashing about.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.7.4 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.7.4 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.10 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.7 SAT

    • 庆祝夏至


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月27日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年6月27日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年7月3日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月31日 星期六

      It’s very early in the morning on the longest day of the year. Oona and her friends have a special tradition of meeting-up to watch the sunrise, to celebrate the start of summer. Yay! Oona, Otto and May have arrived at the stone circle, but where is Mossy? Poor Mossy has slept in! Mossy is always late but this time he has a very good excuse. Can he make it to the stone circle in time?

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.27 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.27 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.7.3 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.31 SAT

    • 水浸家园


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月20日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年6月20日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年6月26日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月24日 星期六

      When the Puffin Burrow floods, Oona and Baba accept May's kind offer to stay with her. The rabbit warren soon proves a bit too much for Baba, who wants to go home. Oona distracts him by showing him how many of his favourite creatures live down here, while May hops off the get him some familiar bedding to help him feel more at home.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.20 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.20 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.26 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.24 SAT

    • 深!深!深!


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月13日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年6月13日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年6月19日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月17日 星期六

      Oona is practicing her diving skills and she has a supportive audience! Baba, Bernie and Silky are cheering her on. When Oona struggles to dive deep enough to reach Baba’s pebble, she gets frustrated. With a little encouragement from Silky, Oona learns that friends always want to help – you just have to ask.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.13 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.13 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.19 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.17 SAT

    • 三鸟成群


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年6月6日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年6月6日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年6月12日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月10日 星期六

      When The Hoots come over to visit, Baba is delighted to have some company of his own age. He and Pop get so excited, in fact, that they start to leave poor Pip out! When they start having a race through the burrows she falls very far behind but when Baba falls foul of some irritated Seagulls - it's Pip and not Pop (or even Papa) who comes to the rescue.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.6.6 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.6.6 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.12 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.10 SAT

    • 空壳计


      播放频道: 港台电视31
      播出时间: (首播) 2021年5月30日 星期日 上午8时45分
      (重温) 2021年5月30日 星期日 下午6时15分
      (重温) 2021年6月5日 星期六 下午6时15分
      (网上重温) 至 2021年7月3日 星期六

      When Bernie tells Oona and Silky that the Red Crabs are moulting, the friends are curious about how crabs look without a shell. Despite Bernie's warning to stay clear, she convinces an initially reluctant Silky to sneak a peek. When Oona and Silky draw some unwanted attention to the crabs from the seagulls, Oona feels terrible and is determined to protect the crabs. She hatches a cunning plan that involves Bernie in a surprising way.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2021.5.30 SUN 8:45am
      (Re-run) 2021.5.30 SUN 6:15pm
      (Re-run) 2021.6.5 SAT 6:15pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.7.3 SAT