The 21st century will be a test for mankind. Are we risking our future? We contaminate land and seas. Cities and streets become congested. We destroy tons of food while others starve. We create tiny enemies that do huge damage. Have we gone too far or are we still able to recover? Can we defeat the super germs?

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    • 「自」疗异能者




      The human body is truly extraordinary and rarely more so than in its ability to take care of itself. In this episode, we look at how we can optimise our health and maximise our own powers. With the help of our trademark, state of the art, scientific explanations...we meet a master of meditation and also some children just starting mindfulness classes, a psychiatrist able to hypnotise himself as well as a therapist using hypnosis as a form of anaesthetic and in Iceland we look at how the island nation’s people stay healthy through the long, dark winters.

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    • 超智异能者




      The human brain is a marvel of biological engineering and whilst the basics of each of our brains are the same there are also very real differences between us both in terms of what we are born able to do and also what we can teach ourselves to do. In this episode, we meet a super-linguist, able to speak more than 30 languages fluently, a six-year old chess champion, a memory master and one of France’s best magicians as we explain just wat our amazing brains are capable of!

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    • 百变异能者




      In this episode, we look at how our bodies have evolved through time and how our powers have changed through the ages. We will meet a man who has lived with wolves, another who eats a Palaeolithic diet and another who can communicate with wild animals all in our efforts to understand how our brains have evolved through time, why we look the way we do and to trace the origins of language.

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    • 长青异能者


      人的能力原来不受年龄局限,今集将会访问90多岁的瑜伽高手、12岁的Hip Hop舞冠军,以及30多岁才开始训练的马拉松运动员,他们的秘诀就是勤做运动,而现时已有科学研究证实,运动有助激活大脑。


      As we get older our bodies change as does what we are able to do and not do. In this episode, we explore the science of ageing meeting along the way a nonagenarian great grandmother who seems to be defying science, a young mountain trained athlete able to perform at altitude, some amazing middle-aged runners and a French synchronised swimming champion back in the pool aged 50. We will meet them all and explore with them the realities of how our bodies change over time.

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    • 肌肉异能者



      Muscles are an essential building block of the human body. We all have the same number of them and they can all do the same things except that some people have trained their muscles to enable them to do things that are a little out of the ordinary. In this episode, we meet a free-diving couple, both able to hold their breath for minutes at a time, incredible contortionists, brick breaking karate experts and the French Olympic swimming team and as always, we will uncover the science behind what is happening in their bodies.

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    • 超感官异能者



      In the first episode of the series we meet people who can see, hear, touch, taste and smell in ways that the rest of us simply cannot. Through meeting an eagle-eyed fighter pilot, a man with some of the best hearing in the business, one of the world’s leading chocolate tasters, a tetrachromatic artist and some of the world’s top tight-rope walkers we will gain insight and understanding of how our senses work and how some people are able to experience the world in very different ways to the rest of us. 

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    • 精子危机




      Something abnormal is happening inside men's bodies: sperm is in crisis, with low counts, near-zero motility, and DNA damage, all of which are crucial to fertility. The trend seems to be universal. The World Health Organization says that in around half of the cases of infertility, it is the man who is responsible. We took a multi-faceted look into this sperm crisis facing the world and unearthed some hitherto unknown facts.

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    • 当瘟疫蔓延时



      Dr. Hannah Fry and our medical expert will use citizen science to create a digital pandemic that spreads across the UK. The data collected, by tracking the spread, will generate life-saving public health information and the programme will achieve a series of world firsts. 

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    • 解毒大气层



      Industries, mining, and air transport, car traffic: Our planet is suffocating, and air pollution has already become one of the leading causes of death in the world. Coupled with another danger - global warming, due to the emission of greenhouse gases - the situation is now critical, and seems out of control. But on the five continents, scientists, engineers, architects, are on the ground to fight against the effects as well as the causes of this deadly poisoning. They invent solutions to clean up the atmosphere of the planet, and perhaps make it breathable again in the future.

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    • 寻找爱因斯坦大脑



      The genius of Albert Einstein never ceases to allure. Following his autopsy in 1955, Einstein's brain is said to have been sliced and scattered among researchers around the world. Where are the pieces now? NHK goes in pursuit of remnants in Japan, the US, Canada, and Argentina, rediscovering hundreds of photos taken during the autopsy as well as an individual in possession of over 100 fragments. The data set is then brought together to build a 3D CGI, successfully "recreating" Einstein's brain as it would have been in his 20s, when he proposed the theory of relativity. An extraordinary journey and the latest in neuroscience turn a new page in the story of the genius's brain.

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