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德文 German
Ms. FROMEL Annette
Ms. FROMEL Annette

香港中文大学语言学及现代语言系(德文)讲师 Ms. Annette Fromel obtained her first Masters in Translation with English as her major and Chinese as her minor from the School of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the University of Mainz in Germersheim, Germany. Having attended a teacher training course at the Goethe Institut in 1999.She has been working full-time since 2004.

Penny 萧艳萍
Penny 萧艳萍

香港电台数码台主持,热爱旅游,曾到德国Working Holiday一年。

第八课:结帐 8th Lesson : Please the bill

烦请结帐 The bill.please
一起还是分开(结帐)? Together or separate

Zusammen order getrennt

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第七课:延续问候 7th Lesson : Greeting

你呢? (非正式的/正式的)And You? (Informal & Formal)
我也很好.I am fine too.

Und dir? (Informal)
Und Ihnen? (Formal)
Auch gut

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第六课:问路 6th Lesson Where is the ...?

哪里是中央火车站? Where is the main station?

哪里是洗手间? Where is the toilet/lavatory?

Wo ist der Hauptbahnhof?

Wo ist die Toilette?

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第五课:沟通 5th Lesson Communication

你会说德文吗? Do you speak German?

是,我会说德文。 Yes, I speak German.

不会,我不会说德文。 No,I don’t speak German

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Ja, Ich spreche Deutsch

Ich spreche kein Deutsch

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第四课:你来自哪里? 4th Lesson : Where are you from?

你来自哪里? Where are you from?

我来自香港. I come from Hong Kong

Woher kommst du?

Ich komme aus Hong Kong.

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第三课:形容词 + 落单 3rd Lesson: Adjective+order

这味道真不错!This taste very beautiful!

请给我一杯啤酒!Please give me a beer!

Das schmecken gut!

Ein bier,bitter!

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第二课: 问候 2nd Lesson: How are you?

你好吗? How are you?

我很好,谢谢你! I am fine, thank you!

Wie geht’s?


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第一课:打招呼 1st Lesson:Greeting


日安!Good Day!


Guten Tag!

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