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Tree of Life

With a sensitive and tender heart, you can sense the temperament and character of a tree.

Trees have their own lives and secrets.

Humans like to use trees to express themselves, sometimes causing discussions, sometimes evoking melancholy.

The hollows of trees conceal people's secrets.

When a tree falls, if you are willing to open the gates of memory, you can reunite with your past self from fifty years ago.

Even if you have experienced tumultuous times, trees can regenerate or decay, allowing you to rediscover their serene composure.


English / Cantonese  (TV Version)



(First run)

2024.06.04 TUE 9:30pm





Hong Kong Stories - Whispers of Trees

We cannot live without trees, yet our knowledge of them are limited. The programme series follows individual's life, experiences and sentiments through their relationship with trees, whether emotional or physical.
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