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Episode 5: Admission

Episode 5: Admission
Starring: Alan LUK, Jennifer YU, LAM Chin-ting, Himmy WONG, Shirley SHAM, Inez LEONG, Pierre NGO

The Competition Commission will send staff to exchange in Europe, which is a good opportunity to improve the chance of promotion and career development. Johnny decides to pick Ashley or Sean base on their work performance. In Johnny’s eyes, Ashley and Sean are his successors who possess different strengths, and they have always maintained healthy competition between them. He would like to reignite the competitive atmosphere between the two with the Europe exchange quota. Rookie Nicole becomes the lubricant between the two. Being all things to all men, Nicole helps Sean to apologise to Ashley, and she is a good listener when Ashley wants to confide her heart.

The Healthy Food Company and Start-up Healthy APP Company are under investigation for suspected price fixing. The collection of evidence has just completed, then the people in charge of the two companies state that they admit liability and will assist in the investigation through their lawyers. Sean decides to close the file after interviewing WONG Yat-lung (played by Pierre NGO) from the Healthy Food Company. Johnny senses something unusual with the case as both companies admit liability readily, and he notices that Sean backs down intentionally for the sake of Ashley.

On the other hand, Ashley feels suspicious after conducting interviews. She considers that the bosses of both companies are hiding something. Nicole points out that WONG Yat-lung’s wife Avis B (played by Inez LEONG) is a fitness Key Opinion Leader (KOL) who often webcasts live at the fitness centre concerned, and she suggests looking for clues therefrom. Ashley and Nicole check the relevant footage, and finally …

Ashley is awarded the quota to exchange in Europe as she solves the case. Sean sends her his blessings, but there is something lingering in his mind. Johnny notices everything, while Nicole hopes that Ashley and Sean can make further progress.

COMPETE: Cartel Hunters

In a free market economy, business compete with each other to offer the best range of products at the best price.  A competitive market leads to better prices, products and choice for everyone.  However, in reality, these visions often meet challenges.  Behaviours that undermine fair play, such as bid-rigging, market sharing and price fixing, do not only affect consumer interests, but also damage the free and fair-playing business environment.  

This television drama contains 5 half-an-hour episodes, and is jointly produced by the TV Division of Radio Television Hong Kong and the Competition Commission (the Commission).  The stories, adapted from real cases, arouse audience’s interest and attention to related issues through realistic plots and characters.  The main characters in this drama are officers in the Investigation Team of the Commission, and the whole series involved a total of 4 cases.

Introduction of the Characters:
Johnny LAM (Played by Alan LUK)
Head (Investigation) of the Commission
Pragmatic, calm and has a good sense of humour.  Believes in evidence and science, and likes to meditate alone.
Comes from grassroots, and self-alliance.

Ashley YEUNG (Played by Jennifer YU)
Manager (Investigation) of the Commission 
Knowledgeable and familiar with the ordinances.  Rigorous and serious at work, and highly motivated.
Joined the Commission in the same year as Sean did.  Have different working styles and often ignite sparks while competing in a healthy way.

Sean SUNG (Played by Himmy WONG)
Manager (Investigation) of the Commission
A liberal person, loves sports, pays attention to own appearance and thinks he has good taste.
Observant, thoughtful, and can always find the key points from the details.

Nicole SHUM (Played by LAM Chin-ting)
Competition Affairs Officer (Investigation) of the Commission
A rookie, believes in intuition, and quite a fast learner.
Spoiled by doting parents, and never had a real taste of the suffering in life.
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