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Episode 2

The next five years are a crucial period for Hong Kong to create new opportunities and achieve new developments. As a financial, shipping, and trading center, Hong Kong should fully leverage its advantages of being backed by the motherland and connected to the world. The programme will analyze how Hong Kong can deepen its cooperation with different regions in the mainland, such as Hainan and Fuzhou, play a role in supporting the national sustainable development goals, strategize the areas of long term development, and draw inspiration from the Two Sessions.

Bridging Over

This programme takes the form of interviews, from the perspective of a national leader, to explore the future direction of Hong Kong. In "Bridging Over", Mr. CY Leung, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC, will analyze the opportunities and roles of Hong Kong in the context of the country's overall development, and explore how Hong Kong can leverage its strengths to connect with the world.
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