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In recent years, more and more private enterprises have integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their concepts of operation. CSR is the concept that, apart from striving for a profit, a corporate should also take into account the interests of other stakeholders, including its employees, the consumers, the society and the environment, so as to contribute to the community using resources derived from the community, and to promote sustainable development.

Building a sustainable community is a broad concept, from conserving a building in the area, to caring for the poor and needy, or even trivial matters such as patronising an old shop or recycling an article of waste, the concept can be promoted and put into practice by various social and private enterprises.

Luke established a social enterprise specialising in community cultural tours five or six years ago, with a wish to build a neighbourhood-based sustainable community through guided tours and other educational activities. Serena joined an enterprise that attaches much importance to CSR after her graduation from the university. She is responsible for the planning and promotion of projects relating to environment protection and other concepts on sustainable development for the employees and tenants of the enterprise.

Luke starts his career with a social enterprise while Serena begins her journey in a commercial enterprise, but they both have a passion and vision for the future of the community, and hope to improve and promote the development of the community. As a member of the community, maybe this is the time for you to think about how you can contribute to the sustainable development of the community.

Producer: Zero TSE

For Us, By Us

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Social services are closely related to the lives of people, and the rapid development of our society has also brought a new look to social services. Social service organisations nowadays not only provide services, but also cover a wide range of service areas, with participating stakeholders coming from different sectors. In order to encourage the public to develop and practise in different fields, social service organisations also cooperate with different enterprises to provide innovative services. “ For Us, By Us” is an eight-episode documentary jointly produced by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Radio Television Hong Kong. Through various services and activities related to you, me, everyone, and the community, it introduces different social services and the various stories behind them, connecting different people, communities and places with the original aspiration to form a mutually supportive force in collective pursuit of the lost warmth of life.
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