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Episode 14: Brazil

Raised in Brazil, Agnes became interested in cooking from watching her grandmother cook various dishes while growing up. Every time she visits a different country, she takes the opportunity to learn about the local food culture and cooking techniques. Agnes moved to Hong Kong with her family in 2019. Later she took a local culinary course and became a private chef. In addition to giving her more creative space, this platform also enables her to communicate and interact more closely with her clients. Agnes includes traditional Brazilian dishes in her menus to give Hongkongers insight into Brazilian food culture. As a chef, she not only enjoys shopping for fresh ingredients at the market, but also likes to hunt for treasure at kitchenware stores on Shanghai Street. She also takes pleasure in having an occasional bowl of authentic dumplings.

Dishes introduced:
Broiled crab meat in shell
Picadinho de filé mignon com arroz

A World Of Taste: Kitchen Dialogues

Food is a fundamental need of human beings and a common language between races and cultures. French cheese, Kosher bread, Turkish kebap, Spanish tortilla, Brazilian chicken pie, Russian soup Borscht and a lot more are always on the list of country signature food. Placing dishes around the globe on you dining desk brings you a brand new journey towards to world. As an international city, Hong Kong has such a diverse cultures and countless choices of food from different countries. You can find restaurants always ready for your enjoyable meals on roads and alleys. For sure native chefs are the key of presenting the features of food cultures and backgrounds. Hong Kong has been alluring foreign chefs to stay, work and live here. How can they fit themselves into the community through delicious food? In what way can they keep the characteristics of their own cultural cuisines and suit them to the tastes of Hong Kong people at the same time? How can they balance the variations of food culture between places? Are they having a different lifestyle in Hong Kong comparing to their home countries?

‘A World Of Taste: Kitchen Dialogues’, a 14-episode half-hour series programme, is going to bring you a further understanding on foreign cultures through fabulous country cuisines in Hong Kong as well as how social inclusion applies, the livings and social involvement of native chefs here.
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