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Jab with one heart

Under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme, over 90% of the population in Hong Kong have had one or two doses of the vaccine. The Programme introduced various outreach services shortly after its launch to serve different communities in need, e.g. those of residential care homes, schools, outlying islands and minority ethnic groups, etc., to facilitate access of vaccination. The Home Vaccination Service was also launched, a call centre was set up, and the team proactively approached the elderly and people with impair mobility to arrange at-home vaccination. People in various departments and social groups share their vaccination stories in the episode.

Behind the Vaccines

  • Video
  • English
  • On-going
Host: Karen Cheng
Co-produced by: Civil Service Bureau


The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the globe, and the development of vaccines has brought significant progress in the prevention and control of the disease. At the end of 2020, the Civil Service Bureau launched a vaccination program, which has administered more than 20 million doses to the general public.

In this two-part program, interviews different individuals to review the two-year vaccination program and gain a more comprehensive understanding of each milestone in the vaccine administration process. Through this program, viewers can gain insights into the impact of the vaccine and the efforts made by the government to combat the pandemic.
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