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Bridging Visions: A Brighter and Greener Future


Bridging Visions: A Brighter and Greener Future

In this episode, we delve into the profound socio-economic connection between Hong Kong and the Middle East, focusing on how the Hong Kong government and business sectors establish robust economic and cultural ties with the region. Notably, the FII Institute hosted its inaugural PRIORITY Asia Summit in Hong Kong, themed "Megatrends Shaping Humanity." We have the privilege of witnessing world leaders and visionaries charting a sustainable blueprint for our future. Additionally, we embark on a visit to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (ETO) in Dubai, uncovering their commendable efforts in promoting economic and cultural exchange.
Amidst the global trend towards sustainable development, numerous Hong Kong-based companies have successfully expanded their businesses in the Middle East. How do they bring green solutions, combining wisdom and experience, to navigate the Middle Eastern market? How do talents from different regions collaborate harmoniously to build a brighter future for humanity?

Investing Now for Future in Hong Kong and the Middle East

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) is a globally-recognized non-profit Institute and foundation with a mission to create a positive and sustainable impact on humanity. Established in 2017 in Saudi Arabia, FII fosters a global network of investors, innovators, and policymakers, focusing on responsible business, green investment, and the implications of a data-driven world. With FII's recent announcement of expanding its operations to Hong Kong, it is essential that the local community understands the significance of this move and the opportunities it presents.
Investing Now for Future in Hong Kong and the Middle East is a  5-episodes documentary to profile how Hong Kong contributes to the global drive to create positive impact on humanity, by showing Hong Kong as an ESG hub connecting the Middle East and Asia.
成立于2017的《未来投资倡议研究所(FII Institute)》,是一个总部位于沙特阿拉伯的非营利机构,以学术研究、举办峰会以及创科投资为主要工作面向,期望为人类创造可持续的未来。藉着建立一个汇聚投资者、科学家及政策制定者的全球网络,推动绿色投资和数码世界。随着FII最近宣布将在香港举行FII Priority会议,本节目以5集半小时电视特辑,向香港观众介绍其重要性以及随之而来的机遇。
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