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Social work students rally against police actions

2019-09-16 HKT 17:53
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  • Social work students rally against police actions
Social work students from different institutions held a rally in Edinburgh Place on Monday to protest over the police's treatment of social workers during anti-extradition protests.

Dozens of students, from the University of Hong Kong, Baptist University and Caritas Institute, joined the event, most of them dressed in black.

The Federation of Social Work Students said social workers attend protests in order to try to ease tensions between officers and protesters, but have faced aggressive treatment from the police, even arrests.

Harold Lau, the federation's external secretary, said they will try to defend their cause at all costs.

One of the social workers at the rally, who declined to be named, rejected criticism that social workers are favouring the protesters.

He said social workers on the frontlines were like paramedics, ready to provide emotional support to anyone in need. We will also help police officers if they request it, he said.

"There was a 12-year-old boy arrested [recently] by the police. Some social workers on the frontline requested that they accompany him to the police station. But the police rejected it. This is a sign that police do not respect human rights," he said.