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LSD ordered to close 'flower stall' at Victoria Park

2020-01-20 HKT 15:06
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  • LSD ordered to close 'flower stall' at Victoria Park
The government on Monday ordered the League of Social Democrats (LSD) to close down its stall at the Lunar New Year fair in Victoria Park, saying the party had violated an agreement.

The LSD had put up banners containing protest slogans and satirical cartoons, as well as display boards showing photos of the anti-government protests since June.

It also collected signatures from the public to oppose proposed pay rises for the police.

A so-called Lennon Wall was also set up for people to post messages on.

Some flowers, apparently for sale, were placed in front of the stall.

But the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department said officers inspected the stall on Sunday evening and found the group had used the area for activities unrelated to the sale of flowers, which is in violation of an agreement it signed with the government when the stall was auctioned.

The government decided vendors at this year’s fairs across Hong Kong could only sell flowers and food to ensure public safety and facilitate crowd control "in view of the current social situation".

However, the LSD said it would not be taking down the stall.

Chairman Avery Ng said their displays, chronicling the anti-government movement and alleged police brutality, should be allowed to remain.

"I disagree with the department's observations. Our booth is a flower booth as well as an exhibition ... I'm prepared for any legal consequences and we have to really make a stand," he said.

"If we cannot even voice out our anger towards police violence by means of having a flower booth, I think the freedom of speech is further eroded to obscurity."

Last updated: 2020-01-20 HKT 18:25