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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
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Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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Hot weather warning system designed to protect workers  Listenfacebook
A three-tier warning system designed to help workers avoid heatstroke will be launched on Monday, along with new guidelines for those doing jobs outside. Employers do not have to follow the warning system but will be advised to take measures to protect their workers as temperatures continue to rise. Altis Wong reports:
Lawmaker calls for review of heat index guidelines  Listenfacebook
Unionist legislator Lam Chun-sing says new guidelines on preventing heatstroke at work give more detail to employers on how to better protect their workers. But he questioned the government's classification of workers who are eligible for extended rest periods, saying some of those labelled as having a light physical workload may in fact work in extremely hot environments. He spoke to Vicky Wong:
Study finds fewer people want Covid booster jabs  Listenfacebook
Chinese University researchers have urged people not to drop their guard against Covid-19, even though it is no longer considered to pose a global health emergency. It comes after a survey they carried out indicated few people want booster jabs. As Natale Ching reports, they say the jabs are important for the continued protection of the city from the virus:
High-risk groups urged to get Covid booster shots  Listenfacebook
A public hospital doctor says Covid-19 is still prevalent in the community, especially among the elderly and small children. Pediatrician Mike Kwan says just because Hong Kong dropped its Covid restrictions does not mean the virus is no longer a threat - especially to the young and old who have never caught the virus nor had a jab. Dr Kwan, who is a professor at the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, told Janice Wong that high-risk individuals - such as those aged 50 and over, pregnant, or health workers - should get a Covid booster shot every six months:
School hits back at decision to axe P1 class  Listenfacebook
A local school that failed to attract enough students for its primary one class says it hopes to run the class on a private basis. The Confucian Tai Shing Primary School is one of five schools that have been refused a government grant for their primary one classes in the next academic year after failing to attract the minimum of 16 pupils. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Hot demand for Nina's hostel rooms  Listenfacebook
Newly-allocated hotel rooms at the Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West for the Youth Hostel Scheme are expected to go fast after more than 1,000 pre-registration forms were received for the accommodation. Starting from Monday, Hong Kong residents aged 18 to 31 can apply for long-term stays at the hotel for less than $5,000 a month. As Ada Au reports, it is part of government efforts to support the housing needs of young workers:
Lawmakers question costly National Games staff  Listenfacebook
Unionist lawmakers have questioned the need to hire three additional directorate-level staff at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $12 million a year to prepare for the National Games in two years' time. In a paper submitted to the Legislative Council, the government proposed hiring three senior directorate officers, supported by a team of 40, to collaborate with the Guangdong and Macau governments on co-hosting the 15th National Games. Ada Au reports:
Exchange Fund posts second consecutive gain  Listenfacebook
The Exchange Fund recouped nearly half of last year's $205 billion investment loss in the first three months of this year, marking its second consecutive quarterly gain. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority said its fund earned $97.9 billion between January and March, after losing nearly $49 billion in the same period last year. But as Kelly Yu reports, it is warning of possible volatility ahead:
Top Indian wrestlers accuse wrestling chief of abuse  Listenfacebook
Some of India's top women wrestlers have been protesting at a well known site for demonstrations in Delhi for more than two weeks over sexual harassment allegations against the country's wrestling chief. While the government has been slow to respond, farmers are now also coming out in solidarity with the wrestlers. RTHK's Delhi correspondent Murali Krishnan told Annemarie Evans that this was building into a major confrontation with India's ruling party: