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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Vicky Wong


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Environmental report approved for housing on golf course  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Golf Club says it deeply regrets a decision that will see around 12,000 flats built on one of its courses. The government has conditionally approved an environment impact assessment report for the development, which the Club said was "tantamount to trampling over a piece of Hong Kong's culture and heritage". Frank Yung reports:
Lengthy wait reduced for public housing  Listenfacebook
The average waiting time for a public flat in Hong Kong has come down to 5.3 years. The good news was announced by the Housing Authority, although it admitted that the length of time elderly people had to queue for public housing remained unchanged. Tom McAlinden reports:
Alarming findings from in-depth youth mental health study  Listenfacebook
A ground-breaking study on youth mental health in Hong Kong has found a relatively high prevalence of mental illness, with over a third of respondents reporting a major depressive episode in the previous year. The University of Hong Kong interviewed more than 3,300 people aged from 15 to 24, from 2019 to last year. Professor Eric Chen from the Department of Psychiatry told Vicky Wong that the study found many of those with a mental disorder failed to reach out for help:
China eases the way for mainland visits to HK  Listenfacebook
Starting next week, mainland authorities will make it more convenient for mainlanders to apply to come to Hong Kong. Lawmakers have welcomed the move, saying they are already preparing for more visitors. Natale Ching reports:
Inbound visits still hampered by SAR flight capacity  Listenfacebook
Fanny Yeung, executive director of the Travel Industry Council, says adjusting the rules for mainlanders to apply to visit Hong Kong will likely attract more individual travellers. But she says she does not believe it will give the tourism industry much of a boost as flight capacity into the SAR remains below pre-Covid levels. Yeung spoke to Kelly Yu:
Ming Pao pulls Zunzi's political cartoon strip  Listenfacebook
Ming Pao has announced it will pull a decades-old comic strip by political cartoonist, Wong Kei-kwan, known as Zunzi, from Sunday. The newspaper did not give an explanation but thanked Zunzi for bearing witness to the changing times in Hong Kong over the past 40 years. Kelly Yu reports:
Pillar of Shame artist wants sculpture returned  Listenfacebook
Police say the recent seizure of a piece of evidence related to an incitement to subversion case was carried out legally and with a court warrant. The statement came after the Danish artist who created the "Pillar of Shame" sculpture sought confirmation that it would be returned to him when it was no longer needed for court proceedings. Damon Pang reports:
CUHK developing more accurate shrimp allergy test  Listenfacebook
The Chinese University says it is developing a new test to diagnose allergies to shrimp after studying 85 people with such a sensitivity, in collaboration with researchers from Thailand. Professor Gary Wong from the Department of Paediatrics and School of Public Health says shrimp is the leading source of food allergies in Hong Kong but some patients can be misdiagnosed using traditional tests. He told Vanessa Cheng that the new test - called component-resolved diagnosis - was an important first step towards treating the allergy by pinpointing the antibodies that trigger the reactions:
CUHK calling for shrimp allergy sufferers  Listenfacebook
A Chinese University researcher says members of the public can join its shrimp allergy study to get a free component-resolved diagnosis. Christine Wai from the Department of Paediatrics spoke to Ben Tse about the prevalence of shrimp allergy in Hong Kong:
Oz trade minister arrives in China  Listenfacebook
Australia's trade minister has arrived in China in a bid to take down all of the country's import barriers, after years of punishing sanctions and unofficial bans. Don Farrell is expected to meet commerce minister Wang Wentao. He said he aimed to secure unrestricted commerce with the nation, Australia's largest trade partner. Mike Weeks reports:
Supreme Court rules Imran Khan's arrest illegal  Listenfacebook
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that the arrest of former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, on Tuesday on corruption charges, was illegal. Though the court ordered his immediate release, the judges asked him to continue to lodge at a police guest-house for his own safety. Khan's supporters say the arrest and corruption charges are an attempt to prevent him running in elections this year. Seven senior leaders of his party are among those arrested, including former foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi. RTHK's Delhi correspondent, Murali Krishnan, told Annemarie Evans more about Qureshi's detention: