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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Fines set to jump for MTR fare cheats  Listenfacebook
The MTR Corporation says passengers caught abusing fare concessions will soon face stiffer penalties, with fines for cheating rail users set to jump 100 percent. This comes as the government revealed that the cost of its $2 transport scheme for the elderly had more than doubled since it lowered the eligible age from 65 to 60. Violet Wong reports:
Lawmaker calls for proportional elderly fares  Listenfacebook
Roundtable lawmaker Michael Tien says he agrees with a heftier fine for fare cheats and hopes more manpower can be added to prevent further abuse. He told Hailey Yip that the fixed $2 fee for the elderly should instead be changed to 20 percent of the trip fare:
Minor subsidence detected at MTR station  Listenfacebook
The government says it will monitor the situation at Sung Wong Toi MTR station after detecting what it describes as "minor settlement" of an emergency exit. The transport secretary says the incident will not undermine railway safety, as Wendy Wong reports:
Union demands 4.65 percent civil service pay rise  Listenfacebook
A civil service union has called for an across-the-board 4.65 percent pay rise to all civil servants. But not everyone supports the idea, as Frank Yung reports:
Golf club housing plans still on course  Listenfacebook
Development chief Bernadette Linn says officials still aim to build public housing flats on part of one of the Hong Kong Golf Club's courses in Fanling. She said changing the proposed use of the plot would not affect the government's plans, as Violet Wong reports:
HA steps up maintenance at public hospitals  Listenfacebook
The Hospital Authority has pledged to step up maintenance efforts following a series of mishaps this year. A committee set up to review the state of public hospitals called on the authority to hire more medical engineers to make sure contractors stay up-to-date with their maintenance duties. Hailey Yip reports:
New York pips HK as most pricey place for expats  Listenfacebook
An annual study has found that Hong Kong is no longer the world's most expensive place for expatriates to live. That unwanted title is now New York's, as Natale Ching reports:
Inflation may deter overseas talent from working in HK  Listenfacebook
ECA International says falling housing costs eased the cost of living in Hong Kong. But Lee Quane, the consultancy's regional director of Asia, told Natale Ching that inflation here was a cause for concern:
HK to boost ties with Belt and Road partners  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says prospects are looking up for the nation's Belt and Road Initiative, as he vowed to foster better ties with partnering economies. President Xi Jinping announced his vision for global infrastructure development nearly a decade ago in a bid to increase China's regional and international collaboration. Frank Yung reports:
Tycoon makes 27th attempt to pass 'gaokao' exams  Listenfacebook
Tycoon Liang Shi is among 13 million mainlanders sitting the nation's "gaokao" college entrance exams that started on Wednesday. It is the self-made millionaire's 27th attempt at taking the notoriously difficult exams, as Wendy Wong explains:
China's trade data shows sharp drop in exports  Listenfacebook
China's trade, particularly shipments fell sharply in May, adding to fears over the post-Covid recovery around Asia. Mike Weeks reports: