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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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'Public housing plan could jeopardise major golf tournaments in HK'  Listenfacebook
The debate over plans to build public housing in part of the Fanling Golf Course raged on at a Town Planning Board meeting on Monday. International golf-event organisers warned that going ahead with the plan could mean Hong Kong will lose out on major tournaments in future. But as Elvis Yu reports, others say housing is a bigger priority:
'Fanling golf course housing plan could hit sport's development'  Listenfacebook
Asian Tour CEO, Cho Minn Thant flew in from Singapore to express support for keeping the golf course during the Town Planning Board meeting. Janice Wong asked him what concerns he had:
Passengers want better attitude from cabbies, survey finds  Listenfacebook
A survey conducted by Hang Seng University has shown that many passengers are dissatisfied with the attitude of cab drivers. The result comes from a survey of over 1,200 taxi passengers who were interviewed across the city from April to last month. While cleanliness, comfort, and efficiency of service saw the best scores - with an average of a little over 3.4 out of five - service quality scored the lowest with about 3.2. Vicky Wong asked Danny Ho, an assistant professor at the Department of Supply Chain and Information Management of the Hang Seng University if taxi services are getting worse:
Protest song injunction adjourned  Listenfacebook
A High Court hearing on the government’s bid to outlaw the protest song 'Glory to Hong Kong' has been adjourned without a ruling, as the judge questioned who the defendants in the case are. As Violet Wong reports, the Department of Justice wants the court to ban people from performing or playing the song if they have "a seditious intention", or are trying to incite people to commit secession:
Rubber Duck display no longer alone  Listenfacebook
Workers have re-inflated one of two giant rubber ducks currently on display at the Central harbourfront... two days after it withered in sweltering heat. Natale Ching has details:
New office set up for Northern Metropolis plan  Listenfacebook
The government has set up an office to co-ordinate the Northern Metropolis development plan. It'll come up with an action agenda and an implementation plan within this year. Violet Wong reports:
Xi Jinping pledges support for Honduras  Listenfacebook
President Xi Jinping has pledged economic and social backing for Honduras, saying China will seek to develop ties with the central American nation with a 'long term perspective'. Aaron Tam reports:
New Zealand leader to visit China in late June  Listenfacebook
New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins will visit China at the end of this month as the head of a trade delegation. It'll be the first visit to China by a New Zealand leader since the start of the pandemic. Here's Kelly Yu:
Family Office network will advise Govt: FS  Listenfacebook
A new network of family office service providers is set to attract more rich families to set up their businesses in Hong Kong. Officers from Invest Hong Kong say they have gathered together private banks, accountants, lawyers, trusts firms and other professionals to help promote the SAR as a preferred destination for international family offices. Financial Secretary Paul Chan says he expects the network to provide policy advice to the government -- and help service providers to connect with one another: