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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Hailey Yip


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Qin Gang warns US to 'stop meddling' ahead of Blinken visit  Listenfacebook
Foreign minister Qin Gang has urged the United States to stop meddling in its affairs and harming its security in a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken -- ahead of his planned visit to Beijing starting this Sunday. The Foreign Ministry also said Qin stressed the need for Washington to respect China's core concerns to arrest declining relations between the superpowers. For his part, Blinken said they had discussed the importance of maintaining open lines of communication to avoid miscalculation and conflict. This message was also highlighted by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:
High Court judge accused of extensive copying in another ruling  Listenfacebook
High Court judge Wilson Chan is facing another accusation of making extensive use of other people's words in his rulings, after receiving a serious reprimand from the city's top judge over plagiarism in a separate case. Violet Wong reports:
Legal sector needs more guidance on 'judicial copying': law expert  Listenfacebook
A legal scholar says judicial authorities should offer more guidance to local judges and lawyers on how to avoid accusations of bias over 'judicial copying'. Hong Kong University law professor Simon Young says while there's nothing wrong with accepting one side's arguments so long as the judge is being fair and impartial, copying large portions of one side's submissions can send the wrong signals. He spoke to RTHK's Hailey Yip:
Labour chief gives assurances over vetting procedures for worker import plan  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Labour and Welfare has played down the impact of the government's new labour import plan on vetting procedures. He says the Labour Advisory Board will continue to play its role even as Hong Kong acts to ease manpower shortages in key industries by bringing in up to 20,000 workers. Kelly Yu reports:
Hotel owners call for bespoke labour plan  Listenfacebook
Not all industries think the government's new initiative to bring in workers will do enough to address the city's labour shortage. The hotel industry, for example, says it needs a tailor-made labour importation programme urgently. The Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners said a survey it conducted last month found that there were over 9,000 vacancies in various positions - including room attendants, cleaners, front desk staff, waiters and chefs. But it said under the existing labour supplementary scheme, only an average of 230 workers for industries including wholesale, retail and hotels had been brought in over the past five years. Former secretary for home affairs Casper Tsui, who's the federation's executive director, spoke to Elvis Yu about staffing problems in the industry:
'No plans for legally-binding organ donation scheme'  Listenfacebook
Health minister Lo Chung-mau says there are no plans to make registrations for Hong Kong's organ donation scheme legally binding. He was responding to a question from DAB legislator Elizabeth Quat, about whether the government could scrap the current system whereby relatives of would-be donors must give permission before the deceased person's organs can be used. Here's Violet Wong:
'Big names and start-ups needed for planned IT hub'  Listenfacebook
A property consultancy says the government needs to provide more details to attract investors to its Northern Metropolis’ San Tin Technopole IT hub. In a report, Colliers Hong Kong suggests the government allocate land to leading companies and well-regarded start-ups first to attract investors into the area. The head of the firm's valuation and advisory services, Hannah Jeong, told Ada Au the current master plan for the hub doesn't have much detail, but that leaves room for new ideas:
No need to worry about shoddy apartments: housing chief  Listenfacebook
Housing secretary Winnie Ho has brushed aside quality concerns raised over the government’s pilot scheme to again involve the private sector in developing subsidised housing. The idea is intended to speed up the supply of affordable homes, and to encourage developers to rezone their land holdings to build subsidised flats. Violet Wong reports:
Retail price maintenance education campaign launched  Listenfacebook
The Competition Commission has launched a campaign to educate the public on resale price maintenance. It says there's still a lack of awareness of the problem despite an ordinance being introduced seven years ago. Resale price maintenance is when suppliers establish a fixed or minimum price for their distributors when they resell a product. The watchdog says such acts disrupt market competition and may even violate the Competition Ordinance. The head of investigations at the commission, Charlotte Ho, spoke to Vanessa Cheng:
Researchers develop new treatment for skin problems  Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong has developed a new non-antibiotic micro-needle patch to treat skin problems such as acne, fungi, parasites, or even viruses such as tinea pedis - more commonly known as athlete's foot. So what's so special about the invention, and is it better than traditional antibiotic treatments? A question Ben Tse put to Professor Kelvin Yeung who led the study:
Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged, signals future rises  Listenfacebook
The US Federal Reserve has kept its key interest rate unchanged after having raised it 10 straight times to combat high inflation. But in a surprise move, the Fed signalled that it may raise rates twice more this year, beginning as soon as next month. Its move to leave its benchmark rate at about 5.1 percent -- its highest level in 16 years -- suggests that it believes the much higher borrowing rates it’s engineered have made some progress in taming inflation. But Fed chairman Jerome Powell said officials want to take time to more fully assess how their rate hikes have affected inflation and the economy:
Hong Kong windsurfer prepares for Asian Games  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Windsurfing Team is gearing up for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, after the competition was delayed for a year to this September due to the pandemic. Alex Cheng, who will represent Hong Kong in the iQFOiL event, spoke to Hailey Yip about how he is preparing for his first ever Asian Games: