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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Top court rules in favour of same-sex unions  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong’s top court has ruled that the government has a duty to allow gay couples to register their partnerships. But it stopped short of granting full marriage rights. Damon Pang reports:
'Partial victory' a big stride for LGBTQ community  Listenfacebook
An associate professor of the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Law, Kelley Loper, says it is disappointing that the top court did not recognise the right to same-sex marriage. But she told Vanessa Cheng that it was still a big step forward for the LGBTQ community:
HK could follow UK civil partnership rules  Listenfacebook
A campaign group advocating for the elimination of prejudice against same-sex couples has welcomed the top court's judgement. It said the ruling is a major step for Hong Kong in becoming a more equal society. Jerome Yau, a co-founder of Hong Kong Marriage Equality, said authorities could refer to the civil partnership scheme in the United Kingdom to provide protections for same-sex couples comparable to those of marriage. He spoke to Violet Wong:
Call for consultation on rules for same-sex unions  Listenfacebook
DAB lawmaker Holden Chow has urged the government to be "extremely cautious" when formulating an alternative legal framework for same-sex couples. He told Vanessa Cheng that the authorities should launch a public consultation on the issue:
EOC concerned over sex assault claims  Listenfacebook
The Equal Opportunities Commission has expressed deep concern over recent media reports of sexual harassment at university orientation camps. The chairperson Ricky Chu says such acts may contravene the sex discrimination ordinance. He is calling on victims and witnesses of sexual harassment to come forward and take action by reporting to their universities, the EOC, and law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. In the latest case at the Education University, police arrested a man on suspicion of sexual assault and voyeurism. The 28-year-old was picked up in North Lantau on Tuesday and was being held for questioning overnight. The number of women making complaints has now risen to four, as Jacqueline Guico reports:
CE hails government's typhoon response  Listenfacebook
Chief executive John Lee has hailed his administration's effective response to Super Typhoon Saola last week. Despite the first hurricane No. 10 signal being issued since 2018, the predicted widespread flooding failed to materialise and the territory escaped relatively unscathed. Wendy Wong reports:
October 1 fireworks display announcement 'too late'  Listenfacebook
The chief executive has also announced that a fireworks display will be held once again on National Day - for the first time in five years. The October 1 display, which lights up Victoria Harbour, was first suspended in 2019 because of the social unrest. It was also cancelled in recent years due to the pandemic. The Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners welcomed the decision, saying it could boost tourist numbers. But its executive director, Caspar Tsui, told Vanessa Cheng that the announcement was a bit late and he was worried the trade would not have enough time to prepare:
Govt's pollution proposals fail to consider new tech  Listenfacebook
Clean Air Network says the government should make good use of cleaner energy to promote the SAR's status as an international shipping centre. The network's Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Fung, says marine vessels are one of the largest local air pollution sources and new targets proposed by the government are not strict enough. The government is currently holding a two-month public consultation on its new Air Quality Objectives. Fung told Samantha Butler that proposals to clean up pollution from marine vessels were outdated concepts:
Two detained for 'irreversible damage' to the Great Wall  Listenfacebook
Broadcaster CCTV says two people have been detained after using an excavator to dig a hole in the Great Wall of China. Hailey Yip reports:
The boom in India's EV market  Listenfacebook
India is one of the fastest growing electric vehicle markets in the world. And thanks to government incentives and high fuel costs, it is accelerating towards its goal of 30 percent electrification in the passenger vehicle market by 2030. With over 2.8 million EVs already on its roads, the market is expected to nearly double in size every year. Jacqueline Guico reports: