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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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SFC to name crypto license applicants  Listenfacebook
The Securities and Futures Commission says it will publish a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that are applying for a licence. It had earlier said publishing such a list would "create a false sense of security". The move came after more than 2,300 people reported losses totalling over $1.4 billion and 11 people were arrested for suspected conspiracy to defraud in relation to the JPEX cryptocurrency exchange. Kelly Yu reports:
Another unauthorised structure found at luxury home  Listenfacebook
Officials have identified unauthorised structures at another luxury home at the Redhill Peninsula in Tai Tam. That has raised the total number of problematic houses there so far to 71. The investigation began after torrential downpours earlier this month caused a landslide, which revealed a number of hidden basements and illegal swimming pools. Natale Ching reports:
Govt launches its 'Care the Carer' campaign  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive John Lee says the government has a responsibility to support caregivers and he has pledged to provide resources and support. He was commenting after two brothers reportedly starved to death last week after their mother was taken into hospital. Ada Au reports:
Better community support needed for HK's carers  Listenfacebook
Third Side lawmaker, Tik Chi-yuen, says a more comprehensive approach is needed to help carers and those they look after. He said only a fraction of the estimated 100,000 carers in Hong Kong received the low-income carers supplement. He also said there was a great gap between the demand for community services and the supply. He told Samantha Butler that authorities should set up a registration system for carers, to better identify and address their needs and provide outreach for urgent cases:
200 doctors sign up to preventative medical scheme  Listenfacebook
The Health Bureau says over 200 private doctors have joined a subsidised diabetes and hypertension screening scheme, which starts in mid-November. The Chronic Disease Co-Care Pilot Scheme is for people who are at least 45 and are unaware they already have either of the conditions. The government will provide financial incentives for doctors if 70 percent of their patients under the scheme continue to monitor themselves. Dr Lau Chi-hang, a doctor who joined the scheme, told Anne Chan that bonus payments were not the reason why doctors were participating:
HKJA chairman handed five-day prison term  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong Journalists Association chairman Ronson Chan has been given a five-day prison term, after a court convicted him of obstructing police while reporting on an event. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Gary Chan succeeds Starry Lee as DAB chairman  Listenfacebook
DAB lawmaker Gary Chan has been elected chairman of the party, succeeding Starry Lee. He has stressed the need for the DAB to help improve governance, as Ada Au reports:
Computer-generated fireworks at Asian Games part of green drive  Listenfacebook
The Asian Games in Hangzhou is billed as the first one ever to be completely carbon neutral. Organisers are using green electricity to power all of the 65 venues being used. But going green does entail some changes – such as replacing the traditional fireworks display at the opening ceremony with a more environmentally-friendly computer-generated display. But as Kristie Ko reports, some people didn’t get the memo and were left disappointed.
Plight of India's Dalits too significant to ignore  Listenfacebook
India, in many ways, is a modern country with its tech industry and space programme. But is still has a caste system and at the bottom are the Dalits - often deprived of education and left to do the dirtiest jobs at risk to their health and with no prospect of furthering themselves. RTHK's Delhi correspondent, Murali Krishnan, says the plight of the Dalits is an open secret that society and the government choose to ignore: