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Episode 54 (Turkey Battleship/ Sailing/ Well Dunk)


Episode 54 (Turkey Battleship/ Sailing/ Well Dunk)

#54 Studio interview:

Part 1: “What is New Quality Productive Forces?”
Mr Sunny Tan, Chairman of HKPC, will tell us about the concept of “new quality productive forces” and its implications for the future development of Hong Kong and the mainland.

Mr. Sunny Tan
Hong Kong Productivity Council

Part 2 : Hong Kong Sailing Sport
Three local sailors will be representing our city at the Paris Olympics. The head coach of the Hong Kong, China Sailing Team is here to tell us more.

Harris Tsolis
Head Coach of Sailing Team
Hong Kong, China

- ⁠Turkish warship TCG Kinaliada’s visit to Hong Kong
- Sailing sport in Hong Kong and preparation for Paris Olympics 2024
- ⁠Highlights of the Grand Finals of the WELL DUNK! Public Estate Basketball League & Training Programme

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