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A letter to Tai O

Tai O is a characteristic fishing village in Hong Kong. The dense stilts, crisscrossing waterways and bridges constitute the most beautiful scenery of Tai O. Diana, an original resident, worked hard in the city for half her life, and returned to her hometown after retirement. She became a tourism ambassador and introduced her beloved Tai O to tourists; Sanmiao and Xiaoyan also chose to give up the fast life in the city and rely on the resources given by nature. Work with your own hands and live a simple and unpretentious life;

The waters of Lantau Island are the home of Chinese white dolphins. In the past ten years, the number of Chinese white dolphins has decreased sharply, making us worry that in the future we will only see their beautiful figures in textbooks. What should we pay attention to when watching dolphins?

Hong Kong's Greenery & Biodiversity (English version)

Hong Kong is a commercial and tourist shopping center, and it also has fascinating countryside scenery. Three-quarters of Hong Kong is green area. Over the years, it has focused on the conservation of nature. It has an amazingly rich biodiversity and needs to be in-depth. To understand Hong Kong, you can’t miss our countryside.
Hong Kong is rich in natural landscapes: coasts, rocky shores, shrubs, secondary forests, mangroves and valleys and rivers. There are countless beautiful scenery. Hong Kong’s country parks and nature reserves are treasures of natural ecology and deserve to be vigorously promoted to overseas people and tourists to tell the story of Hong Kong. This program will introduce tourist information on ten Hong Kong natural attractions and introduce the ecological characteristics of the area. The program will feature a host and experts introducing the ecological information and outing routes of each scenic spot.
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