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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Carrie Lam set to revamp liberal studies curriculum  Listenfacebook
The education industry lawmaker, Ip Kin-yuen, has demanded Chief Executive Carrie Lam apologise for claiming that some school lessons are being used to give children "false and biased information". Lam told the pro-Beijing Ta Kung Pao newspaper that she's concerned some subjects, such as liberal studies, could have been "penetrated", and students are being "poisoned". She said the government will map out the future of the liberal studies curriculum later this year. Damon Pang has the story:
Police defend use of pepper balls inside Moko mall  Listenfacebook
Police have revealed that around 230 people were arrested over the anti-government protests which cropped up across Hong Kong on Sunday, while health officials confirmed that 18 people, including a pro-democracy lawmaker, were sent to hospital. Vicky Wong reports:
Concerns raised over school student journalists   Listenfacebook
Concerns have been raised over the accreditation and safety of journalists after two secondary school pupils reporting for a student-run social media platform were arrested during Sunday's anti-government protests. The 12-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl were taken to a police station before being released. Leading journalist groups have also decried the treatment of reporters by police during the weekend unrest. Janice Wong asked the Chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, Chris Yeung, whether it’s appropriate to allow such young people to cover protests:
Regina Ip tells RTHK to cut TV satire and commentaries   Listenfacebook
The head of RTHK, Leung Ka-wing, has again apologised to those who were offended by one of its programmes late last year, that criticised the police handling of the anti-government protests. Regulators gave the public broadcaster a serious warning over an episode of the show Pentaprism, in which an Education University lecturer quoted a foreign correspondent as saying the Hong Kong police were scarier than the Islamic State terrorist group. New People's Party chair Regina Ip also criticised RTHK during Monday's meeting of the Legislative Council's IT and broadcasting panel. Mike Weeks asked her for her reaction to the Director of Broadcasting’s apology:
Respiratory expert not concerned about mask filter  Listenfacebook
No new cases of coronavirus were reported on Monday. Hong Kong has now gone 22 days without any local transmission of Covid-19 and HongKong Post has now started delivering the government’s reusable masks. The official spearheading the mask handout, the Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Alfred Sit, says he's checking with suppliers about concerns that people could inhale copper particles from the filter, but stressed the masks have undergone repeated tests. Medical Association respiratory expert Leung Chi-chiu told RTHK’s Joanne Wong that while he has some concerns about the reusable masks, the copper filter is not one of them:
Government seeks emergency funds to save Ocean Park  Listenfacebook
The fate of Ocean Park hangs in the balance, according to the government. It says the theme park desperately needs HK$5.4 billion in emergency funding, or it could close as early as next month. Frances Sit reports:
Homeless ‘lacking support’ under coronavirus restrictions  Listenfacebook
The Social Welfare Department has been accused by lawmakers of failing to provide proper support and protection for street sleepers, after a group was allegedly assaulted by nine police officers in Sham Shui Po in February. Assistant director Pang Kit-ling defended the department, saying outreach teams had been given the task of helping them. But Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung said the government should take a more pro-active role. He also told Violet Wong that more people may soon be sleeping on the streets due to the economic crisis triggered by Covid-19: